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3 Awesome Ways to Use CinchShare’s Find/Replace Feature

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We just love being able to develop the features you request and are excited to bring you our latest – CinchShare’s Find/Replace! With this unique feature you are in complete control of editing and personalizing your content in seconds! The Find/Replace…

Published: Sep 10, 2022

We just love being able to develop the features you request and are excited to bring you our latest – CinchShare’s Find/Replace! With this unique feature you are in complete control of editing and personalizing your content in seconds!

The Find/Replace feature is a simple way to quickly search for words, phrases, links, etc. that are within your selected posts, and replace them with new words, phrases, and links. It’s a super quick and versatile way to update your content!

Here are the top 3 ways you can use the Find/Replace feature:

  1. Update your host’s name and the custom order link in your Facebook Parties! You can replace both her name and her name in possessive (i.e., Susie’s) to another host’s name as well as her unique link to order products.
  2. Swap out your Call-to-Action links on your Facebook page and group posts as well as any text like “good morning” to “good night.”
  3. Switch out hashtags with ease when you batch your tweets to Twitter!

We asked a few of our Elite CinchShare Brand Ambassadors to share what they love about Find/Replace. See why they are ecstatic about it!

“Oh my gosh, the Find/Replace feature is such a HUGE time saver!! Gone are the days of having to search out my previous hostess’s name in each post, to replace with my new hostess’s name when posting! Super simple to do! Select your pending posts, click on each post you’d like to “find” and then “replace” it with, click on Find/Replace and type them in! It’ll pop up each word that you searched for and highlight in yellow, then show you what your posts will look like with the new replaced word there! It even does the ‘s, so Kate’s comes up with Kate, and replace it with Sheri and it’ll say Sheri’s! No more posting mistakes and leaving the previous hostess’s name on your CS post!! How embarrassing is that? I’ve done that too many times than what I’d like to admit! Such a great feature and addition to CinchShare! Kudos on yet another job well done CS!” – Brooke Matthews, Keep Collective

“The Find/Replace feature is changing my business for the better! I love that I can create all of my Facebook party script posts on CinchShare and then without having to manually go through to find and replace the Hostess’s name, party links, or really anything by hand, I instead change them all with just the click of a button! This is a HUGE a game changer because I am now saving A TON of time each month by quickly replacing the little bit of text and then batching the new posts in to my new FB event. Time is incredibly precious since I only get to work on my Thirty-One business during my son’s (brief) naptimes and after he goes to bed. Thank you CinchShare for once again going above and beyond!!” – Julie Satterwhite, Thirty-One Gifts

“CinchShare has done it again! They have added their newest feature that allows you to personalize your posts with Find/Replace. You select the posts (or batch) and it allows you to search for words, phrases, and links and then replace them with the new information. Talk about efficiency with managing your posts. I love how you can us this to modify information like your Event link, the Day-Date-Time of the party, the Hostess’ name, a party order link, and even words that refer to the time of day or week for that specific party like Morning/Afternoon/Evening or Week/Weekend; even consultant information if you share the basic script with your team. How awesome is that?” – Jody Sterr, L’BRI Pure n’ Natural

Check out how easy it is to use Find/Replace in this quick video!

It is really important to us as a company to provide the very best toolset to help our customers grow their businesses while producing a healthy and spam free social media community and we really enjoy developing the features that you need to market your business the right way. Find/Replace is our latest time saving feature we’re pleased to add to our growing list and we’d love to hear what you think about it! Comment below and tell us!


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