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A new season brings new products, catalogs and promotions to your Direct Sales biz. And let’s not forget Fall boots (my personal fav)! It’s also time to update your dream board and evaluate what’s working on Facebook, and what’s not, so you can rock your online biz. Starting with… the 3 biggest Facebook Party mistakes you might not even know you’re making:



1 – Copying posts and/or comments word for word: Many direct sales companies and leaders provide an entire Facebook-Party-In-A-Box template and encourage consultants to copy/paste the posts and graphics verbatim. This is a big mistake that could flag you as a spammer and land you in Facebook Jail, blocking you from holding online parties altogether.

What you can do about it:

Stop being a copy cat. Instead, learn from what others are doing to hold successful Facebook Parties, then make the party your own. Better yet, use Facebook Live for some of your posts. That’s as original as you can get.

2 – Stealing graphics: Most content is copyrighted, including photos you find searching google images or a cool photo another consultant took. When an exact image gets shared multiple times on Facebook it gets flagged as spam because Facebook is protecting users from spammy posts – as Facebook should.

What you can do about it:

Use the camera on your smartphone to create your own graphics, which will also help you get better Facebook Party results. For example, invite customers to be your “makeover” model and suggest they invite friends for the reveal (you just booked a party). Use apps like Photofy, Canva and PicMonkey to add a filter, sticker and/or text and viola!, you’ve created a unique, original Facebook Party.

3 – Using the wrong cover photo: Think of your cover photo as your store window. You’ve got one chance to communicate what’s going on inside your event so people will come in to learn more. Avoid using too much text (looks spammy) and busy collage photos that scream “buy my stuff” vs “come on in!”

 What you can do about it:

Get noticed by using a single photo that communicates the problem you’ll solve or how your product makes people feel – just like CinchShare does with their cover photos in their training events on their biz page. Look to websites and apps like WordSwag, Photofy and Canva for affordable low-cost graphics.

Don’t be a party pooper. Change up your parties with new, fresh ideas and keep your party guests coming back for more. You got this!

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