My first attempt at a vendor event happened completely by accident. With zero contacts to start my Direct Sales biz I had two choices. 1. Quit before I had time to give my business a chance, or door number 2: Go out and make something happen. Being a Visionista (which is kind of like a ninja, but cuter) I chose door number 2, and headed out to the local women’s gym – where my ideal client was hanging out.

Back then we did aerobics, which required women to “feel the burn”, wear leg warmers, and jump up and down for long periods of time. I’m more of a lay-on-a mat-and-not-sweat kind of girl, but I made an exception.

Armed with catalogs and a few samples, I approached the woman behind the front desk with a big smile and introduced myself. But here’s where I got it right. Instead of asking Jane Fonda (not her real name) to buy my candles, I shared that I was a new business woman in the community and would love to see how we could help each other. It went something like, “I’ll tell all my clients about your aerobics classes, and donate a prize for a free give-away for your customers, if I can come in during one of your classes and set-up a table with my products.” Jane said “YES!” and went on to tell me how stinky her home was because she had a big stinky dog and purchased my most expensive candle on the spot. Vendor win.

And so it happened. I created my first free vendor event where I was the only vendor and all my ideal clients were attending. That one action resulted in $400 in sales and 6 new parties with total strangers. I was out of warm market in my very first month and sponsored 4 new consultants from those parties.

And I joined the gym. Figured I better get in bikini mode if I was going to earn the incentive trip to the Bahama’s. Hmm. Wonder if that counts as a tax write-off? I convinced my husband it did.

Here’s 3 Strategies To Finding Free Vendor Tables:

  1. Seek out your ideal client: Focus on businesses who have the same ideal client as you. Even better – and easier to get a yes – if you’re already a customer. Make a list and get started making new connections today.
  2. Make it about them & not you: The next time you’re getting your hair cut tell your hairdresser you’d love to work together to help her find new clients and see how fast doors open for you. Deliver on your promise immediately by telling all your Facebook friends about the business you’re working with. Ask if they are having any special promotions or events that you can share and invite your clients to.
  3. Timing is everything: Make sure you ask, “What’s your busiest time of day or night?” so you can setup your table and be ready to meet the most people at the best time.

As the saying goes, you have to create your own luck. Which means work your butt off and make it happen.

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