If you’re already using Instagram to market your business, why not use it to help grow your team? With more than 1 billion monthly active users, it’s a fantastic platform to grab the attention of others by sharing about your life and products. It’s time for you to put your recruiting cap on and think about the ways you can use this visual platform to attract the right team members! We’re here to help you get started.

1. Post about your perks

Showing your audience how your business brings you joy (along with some great perks!) is a super simple way to entice them to join your team. Did you win an incentive trip or get promoted? People will love to see you sharing how your life has been enhanced by your business and they’ll want to hop on that bandwagon with you as their leader. The more you are genuine and open about your accomplishments, the more you’ll attract those who aspire to live life on their terms, just like you do!

2. Tell them a good story

Instagram Stories are where everyone shares their behind the scenes moments, daily thoughts, recipes, upcoming parties, trainings or classes, product reveals – basically anything and everything that highlights how much fun you’re having thanks to your business. Keep recruiting in mind when you’re creating your stories by adding hashtags that would appeal to those who might be interested in learning more about your business. Are you at an in-home party? Or perhaps you’re setting up your booth at a vendor event? Maybe you’re chaperoning your kid’s class trip? All of these will be of interest to someone who’s looking to change their life for the better and doesn’t really know where to begin. Instagram Stories are a very visual way for you to show your followers how you work your business and how they can as well if they join you – you’re here to help them! And CinchShare is too, because if you’re busy chatting up leads at a vendor event, for example, you can record a quick story and schedule it for later when you have time to add all the bells and whistles!

3. Funnel people to learn more

Your followers can learn more about you by clicking on the link in your Instagram bio. Give them a few options to get to know you or your business/products better by using LinkTree! Everyone’s different, so providing several resources will give them the opportunity to choose where they want to go. Definitely include your Facebook business page, Facebook group, your website, blog and any other places you have that they would be interested in checking out. We love how Kelli included a link to join her team – why not put it out there for those who might be ready to learn more about her business opportunity after they’ve seen her amazing Instagram posts and stories?

The most important thing to remember is to just keep it real – share about your life and they will join you! We can’t wait to see you grow your team on Instagram with these 3 simple tips. Be sure to follow CinchShare too!

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