You can grow your business pretty quickly with Facebook parties once you find what works for you and perfect it! Arin Cacciolo, a Pampered Chef consultant, knows exactly how to rock her virtual parties. She schedules 100% of her party posts using CinchShare and sells between $5000-7000 a month through her Facebook Parties! CinchShare hosted a party with Arin to experience her version of a 5 Day Facebook Party model and we’re really excited to share her results in this Q&A!


Question 1 – Party Model

CinchShare: Arin, you do a party model where the party is open for 5 days, can you tell us more about the 5 day model, why you keep it open for 5 days and why that works for you and your Hosts/Customers?

Arin: I have experimented with different time frames for my Facebook parties, and I have found five days the most successful. The party is actively posted on Monday through Friday, flowing through a full work week, giving people ample amount of time to check in and shop, but not TOO much time where they check out and stop paying attention. I keep the shopping link open through the weekend as well for those who prefer to leisurely shop through the weekend, and then choose a raffle winner and close out on Monday. I find that this is ideal both for myself, as I don’t overlap parties from one week to the next, as well as for my hosts.

Question 2 – Host Coaching

CinchShare: You send your Hosts a Happy Mail Hostess Packet with marketing materials and goodies, can you tell us more about that? What is the intention of the Host Packet? Where do you get your stuff? How do you decide what to put in it?

Arin: I keep my host packs fairly simple. 2 catalogs, which I encourage the hosts to pass around and collect outside orders. I also include recruiting flyer, the monthly specials, a kit credit coupon, a note to the host with their shopping link, and a little gift from me – usually a rub. All of the marketing materials come from the company and the rubs I keep on hand for my host.

Question 3 – Pre-Party Posts

CinchShare: Can you tell us more about your use of pre-party posts and why you choose the ones you use for your Facebook parties?

I do my pre-party posts on Sunday. I do a series of 5 posts. Introducing myself, talking about the monthly specials, explaining the ordering process, explaining the games and raffle process, and asking for the guests to introduce themselves

Question 4 – Party Posts

CinchShare: You highlight different types of products each day – tell us more about why you do that.

Arin: I loosely structure my Facebook parties around themes and time of year. This party was a holiday shopping party with a Sips and Apps theme. The products highlighted all fell into either a gift giving theme or were from a Sips and Apps recipe. I follow a formula that doesn’t change much from month to month – just swap products, themes and details.

Question 5 – After Party Posts

CinchShare: Can you tell us about your after party posts, what your intention is with them and why you use the ones you do?

Arin: My after party posts are on Saturday through Monday and are all basically reminders to place orders before the party ends!

Final Thoughts: Arin says, “I think my success is partially attributed to the tried and true 5 day model, but also heavily attributed to my host coaching and my relationship building behind the scenes during the parties.” Host coaching and building those relationships are the keys to any successful Facebook party – way to go Arin! Thanks again for sharing your party tips with us!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Arin’s 5 Day Facebook Party Model! Do you find that it would be a good fit for your business? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to join our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook group to connect and chat with us there!

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