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5 time saving features to cheer about!

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Do you know what today is? It’s CinchShare’s birthday! (cue the cheers, dancing and confetti throwing!) Five years ago on this very day, CinchShare was released to the direct sales, network marketing and small business industries to help everyone save time and work…

Published: Sep 10, 2022

Do you know what today is? It’s CinchShare’s birthday! (cue the cheers, dancing and confetti throwing!) Five years ago on this very day, CinchShare was released to the direct sales, network marketing and small business industries to help everyone save time and work smarter by allowing them to plan ahead and be consistent on social media. We’ve come a long way as far as growing our brand, creating amazing relationships and developing a software that so many have come to know, love and depend on. We truly appreciate ALL of you for joining us on this wild and crazy ride, and in honor of our five years of creating great things together, we’d like to share the CinchTeam’s FIVE FAVE FEATURES with you in honor of our 5th birthday!

Photo Url & Facebook Import

Okay, okay, so yes, these are technically two separate features but really, they’re sorta kinda like one because they are both ways that you can grab an image online and schedule it in CinchShare without having to download anything to your device that takes up space. We totally LOVE that because we take a ton of family photos and team photos and retreat photos and simply can’t run out of space on our phones, no way! Photo Url allows you to copy an image to schedule and Facebook Import will grab both the image AND the post message so you can edit it to reflect your own unique voice and schedule it. These time and space savers are my personal faves and the first features I developed when CinchShare was a newborn, so I’d have more snuggle time with my own newborn and play with my other 3 kids while I worked my business online. (Hey, I’m Jennifer by the way, CinchShare’s CEO & Founder, nice to meet you if we haven’t crossed paths yet!) I shaved off days, not even hours, from being stuck sitting on social with this image saving combo!


This one is Melanie’s, CinchShare’s Director of Training & Development, favorite feature. With Save, you can do exactly that – save ALL your content that you find (using Photo Url and Facebook Import, and even Links) to store it so you can schedule everything at a later date. We usually see things as we’re scrolling on Facebook or Pinterest while we’re waiting in line at the grocery store or while our kids are playing after school sports but we don’t feel like scheduling it right then and there because we’re totally giving our FULL attention to our kids, right? Umm… yes! So it’s not a good time to schedule right then and there as we want to work it into our content calendar and have a strategy which means that we SAVE it and then we can go back when we’re scheduling in batches and knock it all out for the week, month, year, your call. You do you! Everyone’s different and we made CinchShare super flexible so content can be prepped as each user sees it working into their life. Personally, we schedule time sensitive content weekly, and then we have our evergreen content going out months in advance!

Batch Post and Find/Replace

Speaking of batches, we ALL go bonkers over our Batch Post feature! You can literally schedule a series of posts in seconds over and over again (and edit images and post messages as you’d like!) for your Facebook parties, Twitter tweets, or weekly theme posts for your team and VIP groups – you can also batch your Instagram posts and create an amazing grid! And yes, the Find/Replace feature is also it’s own stand alone feature but when you use the two together, you create perfect harmony! They’re two peas in a pod. With Find/Replace, you will never have any embarrassing moments of calling your Hostess Becky when her name is Stacy or forgetting to swap out the ordering link for the party. Mistakes happen, we’re all human! But with this handy feature, you can be “almost” perfect and error free!

Folders and Sub-folders

Here is where Alexa, our in-house photographer, becomes obnoxious with the noise makers! She loves organizing SO MUCH, that our Folders and Sub-folders in our Manage Posts page is definitely one of her top five faves and between the five of us we have – oh…. a gazillion? – folders with sub-folders in our accounts and many of them we SHARE with our team as well as you! Yep. As a CinchShare user, you can share any folder you’d like with anyone on your team who also has a Cinch account. Talk about saving time, being efficient, and helping out your new recruits! You can have folders for each season, post type, video links, team support, party scripts, theme days – we could go on, but that would be a SUPER long blog post! And it’s our birthday, so we have some partying to do! Seriously though, folders are amazing. See for yourself if you haven’t already!

(FYI, it’s really, we mean REALLY, tough to pick only five features! We are biased and love them all. Can we just list them all? No? Ok, fine, sticking to the Bday thing…)


Last, but definitely not least, is scheduling to good ol’ IG which Michelle, CinchShare’s Marketing Manager, absolutely loves! There are a bunch of unique features that allow us to publish to Instagram and with a push notification, you’ll see how beneficial it is to schedule ahead and plan out a great strategy, be able to Drag & Drop to create a stunning grid (yep, we totally cheated there, shhhh!), schedule your stories and engage with your followers once you get started! It’s really a fun platform and pretty much everyone’s favorite aside from Facebook, so if you aren’t on Instagram just yet, give it a go – it’s easy to get started with our scheduling feature(s)!

BONUS FEATURE! This is legit, like the extra candle on our cake for good luck!

Our Creative Director, Heili, has her ultimate favorite feature and it’s one of our latest releases that’s in beta – the Content Library! We’ve added literally thousands of custom stock photos and ready-made graphics which you have full access to, right inside your CinchShare account so that you can create your own graphics or schedule some of ours – the choice is yours! There are flat lays, styled and lifestyle stock as well as engagement posts, branded company starter kits, theme party bundles and featured collections for holidays and different industries. It’s pretty amazing!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our five favorite CinchShare features and we’d love to hear what your favorite(s) are and why! Please feel free to comment below or join us in our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook Group so we can discuss and compare notes! Now we’re off to pop the champagne and celebrate! Cheers!

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