Facebook parties are an enormously successful way to grow your business online, but after you’ve gotten used to throwing and perfecting them, there are other ways to keep that success stream running at a consistent speed. Here are five ways that you can grow your business online beyond Facebook parties and have a blast while doing it!

5 ways to build your brand and business online:

1. Blogging: If you haven’t noticed, we love to blog! Blogging allows you to own a piece of social media real estate where you’re in complete control. It’s a place where you’re able to really express yourself and share your own experiences. When you blog, you’ll find that people will be drawn to your writing style and check in often to see what you’ve posted about and how it can benefit them. It’s also a great way to funnel people to your Facebook Business page, Facebook group, Instagram account, Twitter, website and more – basically, you can direct them wherever you want!

2. Email Marketing: Company newsletters can be very generic and impersonal but when you have your OWN brand and voice, people will be more receptive and look forward to your newsletters! They want to do business with someone they know, like and trust, and through email marketing, you are sure to capture their attention. You’re also able to share your experiences and control the content and frequency of your newsletters.

3. Webinars: Webinars are like throwing a virtual get-together with the ability to chat and they’re pretty entertaining! Set them up how you’d like, there are different options where you can be the only one visible or you can have everyone video conference in for a “face to face”. You can teach your audience about what you’re really good at and your customers and/or team members will turn to you to learn more about it. With webinars, you’re able to reach a large group of people online and they’ll see you as a specialist in your “field”.

4. Facebook Lives & Videos: Watching you “live” or recorded gives people a sense of who you really are in real life. They’ll instantly connect with you and get a sneak peek into your world. Livestream in your Facebook parties, on your business page, and record YouTube videos for hands on training that you can refer back to often and schedule into your groups and page for more visibility.

5. Planning Ahead: Aside from your Facebook parties, if you plan and schedule your social media content you’ll become consistent which will help your brand and business grow by leaps and bounds! Having a plan in place will give you tons of extra time to focus on other business tasks like writing that blog post or newsletter, engaging with your audience or recording that video. Just think about that for a second – planning ahead will get you ahead – and quickly! We’re happy to help and you can get started for FREE so why not check it out?

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