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the hustle & bustle of social media planning
with CinchShare

When it comes to building your business, you know it’s always go time, and we know time is money. CinchShare is a super user-friendly software that simplifies social media marketing by empowering you to manage all of your platforms in one place.

So, Click. Schedule. Post. is all you need to get ahead of the game.

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We’ve got your planning from the simple-uploading content to the batch-a-bunch-of-posts-in-seconds content.
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Schedule your posts for any day, week or month and get back to the things you love doing. We’ll make sure they get delivered safely!


Voila! Posts are up. Watch the numbers go up & the return come in! Get ready to engage and grow your business! What’s next? Plan ahead, engage & make time for YOU.

plan now. play later. we’ve got your back.

wherever you are
is your new HQ.

With the CinchShare App for iOS & Android your business is right in the palm of your hand. Everything you need to do, you can now do remotely. Which means keeping your family & life in the front of the line.

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from S to XXXXXXL.
how big are your goals?

Set goals and achieve them. Get ready to use our time-savers to unleash your potential & watch your business grow & grow and did we mention grow?

Rise and thrive – organically grow your business.
Upload in HD – high quality images, zero hassle.
Save – automatically save and archive your posts.
Channel surf – cross-platform posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

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CinchShare Free
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  • up to 20 scheduled posts
  • up to 20 saved posts
  • up to 3 months of post history


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billed annually
ideal for growing brands
& solopreneurs
  • unlimited scheduled & saved posts
  • batch post
  • bulk photo upload
  • unlimited post history


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