Hashtags. We know that little # sign can seem pretty daunting. Not knowing exactly how to use a hashtag might make you feel like it’s easier to just avoid them completely but we promise, they really aren’t that bad! To prove it, we’re going to help you dissect the infamous hashtag so you can become a pro and use them strategically for your biz!




1: Use hashtags to create a tribe that speaks to your audience.

#Belieber, #Swifty, #KatyCat – Musicians use hashtags to brand and unite their followers into a common tribe because being part of the tribe makes fans feel like they are an important part of a movement. In the same way, creating a tribe for your customers to belong to creates loyalty and establishes a personal connection to your brand and most importantly to YOU. Come up with a creative tribe name and include it as a hashtag in your posts. This is a great way to unify your team or promote your VIP group.

2: Utilize trending hashtags

Everyone wants to be a part of what’s trending. As a result, trending hashtags cater to a broad audience with varying interests. For example, #ThrowbackThursday and #TBT trends every week. An image tagged with #TBT appeals to anyone feeling nostalgic, not just your usual client base. Posts with trending hashtags might peak the interest of someone you don’t normally reach which will expand your fan base. Play with trending hashtags to make your brand relevant to current internet movements. And keep in mind, trends change quickly! Twitter is the easiest platform to check what’s trending before you post.

3: Use hashtags to target a specific audience

Every brand has a target audience, and most likely, you are a part of this audience for the product you represent. Use your intuition to hashtag the groups of people you want to see your posts. For example, CinchShare is extremely relevant to direct sellers and entrepreneurs, so we utilize #mompreneur, #businessowner and #directsales pretty often in our social media posts. Check out hashtagify.me for more ideas!

See, that wasn’t too scary. Hashtags can actually be pretty useful! Try out a few this week and see if you get new followers. To make it even more simple for you, here’s a graphic of hashtags that are great for direct sellers:


 We’re not done just yet though! Because CinchShare is all about making things even MORE simple for you, here’s a Hashtag Printable so you can break your hashtags down by categories and really hone in on your most successful hashtags. Feel free to share this blog post with your teams and we’d love it if you’d share your favorite hashtags in the comments below!

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