This past weekend the CinchTeam had an absolutely amazing time attending an exclusive retreat for Thirty-One Gifts leaders. It was pretty awesome to witness, and be included in, the team building and bonding while enjoying the gorgeous accommodations at the Monroe Farm and touring the home office. We had so much fun and made so many new friends that we didn’t want to leave!



Why were we there exactly? Our good friend and top leader, Melissa Fietsam, asked us if we would like to be her guests and answer questions about social media marketing and CinchShare – of course we said, Heck yeah! We had a live Q&A panel and chatted with over 20 ambitious and successful business owners about their social media pain points and brainstormed with ways to help. It was a weekend packed with learning, a-ha moments and of course, a lot of laughter! Melanie Moore, our Director of Training and Development here at CinchShare, shared the training sessions with Melissa and together they rocked the house, er, farm!


What did everyone learn? Melanie says, “What I love about Retreats like this one is the transformation that takes place in the attendees lives, both professionally and personally. Retreats are intentionally designed to provide valuable business training, but also affirmation and connection. The Consultants are able to connect with others through guided small group discussions and create new and deeper friendships. She is able to apply the great trainings for her day to day business and personal circumstances. And she is able to share her heart with others and receive direct encouragement and affirmation from her fellow attendees (priceless). There is nothing quite like a Retreat to refresh, rejuvenate and revive your soul and your business.”



Why should you attend a team retreat with your leader or mentor? Melissa says, “Team retreats are the missing link for many women in direct sales. We love to talk, and laugh, and feel part of something bigger. When you do all those things and learn how to grow your business at the same time, it is a game changer.  These ladies are ready to rock their goals. Now they have the confidence and the sisterhood to accomplish things they never thought they could. Together, we learn nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to show up and work for your goals.”


This particular retreat was top secret and only for a select group of Thirty-One leaders but guess what? You can see these two phenomenal direct sales trainers in action to learn ALL about social media marketing, Facebook parties, host coaching, team building and blogging, by joining us at our first ever Cinch Summit! We can’t wait to see you there!

Click HERE to check out our album and let us know if you’ve attended a retreat in the comments and how it positively impacted your life!

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