As a business owner, it’s absolutely crucial to have a business page on Facebook. Also known as a fan page, a Facebook Business Page is your virtual business card and is one of the best ways for people to find you online. Do a Google search of any business and you will discover that their Facebook page will always pop up in a search!


The cover photo of your business page should be something eye-catching and of course branded to your unique style. If you have a logo, this is the place to use it! Swapping out the cover photo every month or two for special promotions or to keep in sync with the seasons works well. You want to keep things fresh for those who follow your page but not confuse them by switching up the look too often. You’ll also want to write a description for your cover photo because when the mouse is hovering over the photo, there will be a pop-up of the description which is a pretty neat feature when someone is checking out your page!

Your profile picture should be of yourself so people can see who owns the business. Make sure you’re smiling and that it’s a good quality image. You can update this photo as well, but remember that to maintain consistency with branding your business that you want to have the same profile pic on every social platform. Don’t be shy! Show off your stellar personality!

In the About section you want to be personable and explain your Why. Include a video so people can really connect with you and hear how passionate you are about your business! Provide all the necessary contact information so they can easily visit your website, email you and even call you if you feel comfortable including a phone number.

Adhere to the 80/20 rule of content marketing when posting on your wall. This means that yes, while it is a business page where you are supposed to post about your products, you still need to not solicit post after post. No one will return if you are spammy and only posting about your biz all day and night. Provide content that adds value to your page and your fans will favorite it so that it shows up in their Newsfeed whenever you post. They’ll want to see what you have that will help them in their daily lives.

Custom Albums are a great way to showcase your products right on your Facebook business page. When you create an album you can upload specific images that you’d like your fans to view on a more personal level. On each post you can write a description with a link to the exact page of your website with that product for them to order. It’s a great way to shop!

Make sure to keep your page and content fresh. Posting consistently is extremely important simply to show people that you are still in business! It’s best to post daily; anywhere from 1 to 5 posts a day depending on the engagement of your audience. You don’t want to overwhelm or annoy them by posting too frequently. We average 3 posts a day and found that it’s a good balance for us.

Don’t forget to engage with your followers! This seems like a no-brainer, but often times we are so busy working our biz that we don’t follow up with our fans who comment on our page. Those comments could lead to potential sales as they are taking the time to reach out to you and share their thoughts. If you don’t respond to them they may not return and you might lose business. The more you engage and become friends with your fans, the more successful your business will be!

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