As direct sellers and small business owners we have to work strategically in order to be successful. It’s crucial for us to know when our followers are online so we can grab their attention. I mean, why post if no one’s seeing it, right? So we wanted to break down what we’ve learned over the years from working in social media and give you the best times to post on the top social platforms:



First thing’s first, check out your business page insights. Facebook was kind enough to provide a graph that shows you when your fans are online. As you can see below, we have a pretty wide range because as business owners, you’re always on Facebook so thanks for making it easy for us! We typically post on our page late mornings, afternoons and evenings. Per average, engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays and surprisingly on weekends they are a whopping 32% higher. People are itching to get out of the office towards the end of the week and catching up online on the weekends. The best time overall to post on Facebook seems to be 1pm but you’ll be good to go posting in the afternoon in general!


Everyone loves pinning at night, mostly from the comfort of their beds and the stats for this social platform prove it! The best times to pin on Pinterest are from 8-11pm. There’s a slight increase in action between 2pm to 4pm as well. Saturday is the most active day, er, night, on Pinterest. Makes sense as moms are huge pinners and they typically don’t get out much! If you have a Pinterest business account you have analytics there as well and can check out what your audience is up to. We love pinning through CinchShare before bed – it’s super relaxing and we bring that audience right back to our Facebook page, blog or website!

People like to tweet and retweet pretty much all week long. Monday through Friday from noon to 6pm to be more specific. There are sites out there that can help you figure out your peak times but you really can’t go wrong tweeting 10-20x a day and keeping track of when you receive the most likes (hearts) and retweets.


Because this social platform is mobile, people are on it all day and night so you really can’t go wrong! Monday does seem to be the most active in the afternoons and this is because a lot of big companies post then who have a ton of followers and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday are also more active than the weekends. It’s great to post daily – 3 to 5x works well!

This platform is all business so you want to post during the workweek. Early morning is great before work begins as well as just after it ends. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most active. Stay away on Mondays – everyone’s too focused on their own projects. Fridays aren’t as good either since they’re most likely on Facebook and not in the mood to network anymore, professionally speaking.

Take these times and apply them to your content calendar then see what works for you by trial and error. You may be surprised to discover that your audience doesn’t follow this schedule which is totally fine! These are the averages but not everyone fits the mold. Most importantly, don’t forget to engage! Posting and not interacting will get you nowhere fast!

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