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CinchShare was developed to be simple, on purpose! Why take extra unnecessary steps to get from Point A to Point B? That can waste a lot of time, which is why Jennifer Johnson, CinchShare’s founder and CEO, created a scheduling and content management software with her husband Joel that would save hours, even days, worth of time to market her direct sales business. Fast forward almost 6 years, and tens of thousands of other small business owners are also enjoying the unique time saving and organizational features CinchShare has to offer! As a new user, we want to give you a breakdown of features so that you know exactly what you are able to do and can run down the list on your own schedule; and mostly so you are aware of their existence and not missing out on all this awesomeness!
With CinchShare, you can schedule to your Facebook business page, groups, group events and albums, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also pin to Pinterest and create your own graphics with our Canva integration. CinchShare Pro has the addition of scheduling to Instagram and your personal Facebook Timeline.

CINCHSHARE FEATURES (Available with Free and Pro Plan)

1. Photo Url: Make a carbon copy of an image from Facebook, Pinterest and more!

2. Facebook Import: Grab an entire public post from Facebook complete with post message and graphic so you can then edit the message to be in your unique voice!

3. Links: Schedule a video, blog post or article from the web, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

4. Save (Free plan limited to 20): Not ready to schedule just yet? Store your content in folders with Save and get back to it when you have the time!

5. TextClips: Create limitless clips of text so you never have to copy/paste again. Great for ordering links, website links, Call to Actions, hashtag bundles and more.

6. Find/Replace: Swap out text, whether it be ordering links, hosts’ names, or time of day in a couple clicks!

7. Post History/Manage Posts: Store and locate all your content in seconds! Free plan holds 3 months worth of storage.


7. Batch Post: Schedule entire Facebook Parties, tweets and Instagram posts in seconds!

8. Multi-Photo Post: Schedule up to 10 photos and captions in one single post. Helps to avoid Facebook Jail.

9. Bulk Photo Upload: Upload all your photos from your devices and store them inside CinchShare to free up space and easily locate them when needed.

10. Cinch Graphics: Thousands of ready-made graphics that we created for you to use for marketing your business and building relationships online.

As a CinchShare user you also have access to a User Guide right inside your account and please, if you have ANY questions at all, reach out to us by clicking on Help for tech support and join our SocialCinch Club FB group to get a bunch of great ideas on how to implement all of these features for your business. We have a ton of great ideas in there and are so happy to help you!