When you’re beginning a new venture as a business owner or re-evaluating your business goals for the year ahead, a vision board is a fantastic way to help you figure out what your priorities are and stay on track. A vision board is a composition or collage of photos and affirmations that are arranged on a board for you to look at daily. For small business owners, direct sellers and network marketers, vision boards not only spark more creativity, but they also can be used for positive reinforcement and guidance to ultimately achieve the goals that are on them!

Design Your Board
It’s easy to design your own vision board! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• Foam board or poster board
• Glue or tape
• Magazines
• Photos

Once you have all your supplies gathered, you’ll want to brainstorm a little bit first; jot down a bullet point type list of what you want to achieve in your future. Think about how far you’ve come this past year and how you arrived at where you are now – remember your setbacks as well as victories. Where do you want your business to take you moving forward? What do you have to do to make your ultimate goals a reality? Add in rewards such as a dream vacation or a new car. It’s your vision board so what you put on it to encourage and stimulate you is totally your prerogative! Just remember to focus on your biggest aspirations so you don’t clutter up your board with a gazillion images that will make it hard for you to concentrate when you look at it every day. Less is more!

You can break your goals down to a timeline and have your vision board focus on the year ahead, or you can have a 5 year plan, or even just an overall composition of your future if you prefer. When you have your main points in place for your vision board, you can begin the hunt for your visuals by flipping through your magazines and looking through your photos. What are you looking for? Believe me, when you see it, you’ll know! That image is going to jump out and scream – Put me on that board! That said, don’t rush to finish your board. Take your time and give yourself a few days to a week to work on it here and there so you can really be happy with the end result.

Vision boards can be for your own private use, or you can hang your finished masterpiece up in your office or place of business so others will know you are on a mission for success! They are also a great team building project for retreats because not only will your team bounce ideas off one another and share their goals which builds a tighter bond, but they’ll also leave inspired and have a tangible memory from their time together to look at daily and keep that fire lit.

Virtual Vision Boards:
If you can’t get together in person, creating an event for a virtual vision board in your team’s Facebook group is a great exercise to strengthen rapport and motivate everyone to keep their eyes on the prize! This is where your team can contribute by posting their images to create a virtual collage that they can refer back to anytime for a reminder of their team and business goals.

Not a fan of cutting and pasting and would rather view your vision board in a virtual setting? Pinterest is the perfect search engine for inspiration where you can create a board for yourself (it’s up to you if you’d like it secret or public) and pin all your favorite quotes and images as you find them. Then, once a day go to your vision board on Pinterest and scroll through to remain focused on your future plans and dreams. Another option is to Save your vision board in CinchShare! You can find things from anywhere online, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, websites, blogs, etc. and save them with the category “Vision Board” to view at any time – you can also schedule them out to share with others or make a Collection for your team!

Do you already have a vision board for your business? We’d love to know what you put on it; share with us in the comments!

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