As of this year, Instagram is the most engaged network after Facebook with over 1 billion monthly active users. That’s a LOT of people who could be interested in what you have to offer, which poses the question: do you know how to market your business on Instagram? Today, we’re going to focus on what to post when it comes to attracting followers on Instagram because it’s those followers who can turn into customers. Ready for some great tips? Cool! Let’s get movin’ and groovin’!

Tell your story

You definitely want to post photos that help share the story of your brand. Highlighting the who/ what/ why/ and where …
WHO are you?
WHAT do you do, sell, make?
WHY do you do it? WHY is your company/brand/product useful?
What problem does it solve?
What value does it add to your life?
WHERE are you located?
WHERE are you traveling?
People love to learn about the core values and purpose of a business before they make a purchase. Let them get to know your story. It not only makes them feel certain about a purchase, but also genuinely satisfied that they made the right decision!

Keep it real

Photos showcasing your brand or product in the real world — such as …. your adorably manicured hand holding your new watering can from the hubster; … or your 10-pocket travel bag, loaded with all the essentials in the back of your car with your camping gear; … or your new fave shampoo & conditioner combo next to a stack of fluffy, folded towels in a well-lit bathroom. You get the idea! Stop using stock photography and get personal – throw your own sense of style in there – and people will love to see you in their feed.

Give out good vibes

Quotes, sayings, & motivational messages that articulate and emphasize your/your business’s values and message are what people on Instagram want! Added bonus if you stick with a branded color scheme (just make sure whatever you post is SIZED FOR INSTAGRAM – nothing makes you look more like an amateur faster than sharing images with the edges of the text cut off). When you’re positive and empowering on Instagram, you get noticed so be sure send out all those good vibes!

Share valuable content

Reposted content from influencers in your industry (for example, if you sell Beautycounter, you might share stuff from beauty bloggers), your company, your customers, other accounts that have a style you love. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of ASKING for permission to repost and giving proper credit to the original post-maker (tag them!). CinchShare makes it easy to repost AND give attribution with our Repost feature – you’ll love planning out your grid with this one!

Testimonials & happy customer selfies

Use our Design with Canva button to turn your reviews (even if it’s just a text from your Aunt Ida telling you how much she loves her new leggings ;)) into square graphics or Instagram Stories and SHOW people what other people are saying. Ask your customers for photos of them with their products, or of what they’ve done with said products and SHARE THOSE (make sure it’s cool with your customer first!). The truth speaks volumes when it comes to making a purchase!

Stock photos that fit your vibe and voice

This is where being authentic comes into play. Sure, a photo of an apple pie on National Apple Pie Day is technically content – but if you sell essential oils and your vibe is white-wash wellness warrior — it doesn’t make much sense. What would make sense? Sharing a stock photo of fresh apples with a white-frame filter and a post message about how mixing cinnamon and apple in your diffuser is the next best thing to baking your own orchard-fresh apple pie on this fun “faux-liday”. Stay true to your brand and keep it on point so your followers will be able to pick you out of their feed.

Easy peasy video content

Easy peasy video content – No need to call your super techy friend – you can handle the basics all on your own. … Time lapse videos of you doing something with your product (time lapse sunsets/ sunrises/ storms are always fun too); … How-to videos – show your audience how to make that keto coffee smoothie you’re raving about; …. Beautiful places you get to visit because of your business — for example, you’re a WAHM who can work from the beach while you’re kids play (share that message to attract recruits!). Or maybe you and your team get together for dinner somewhere great – share a Boomerang of you “cheers-ing” your wine glasses or a quick video of you all waving. Fun, right?

Multi-photo posts that tell a STORY

Multi-photo posts that tell a STORY. Ideas include Q & A’s about your product (Question: How long do these nails strips last? -Next slide- Answer: On average, about 10-14 days); new product photos (taken from different angles, highlighting different colors, etc.), Before and after photos (“swipe left to see what a mess this room was BEFORE we re-organized”); Photos chronicling a journey or process (“Let me show you how easy it is to make fruity popsicles of your own” …). People LOVE LOVE LOVE storytelling, it’s one of the best ways to grab their attention – and hold it!

Aren’t these all super simple tips on what to post? You betcha! Now you can get to posting using this guide! Be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 where we share what NOT to post, which is just as important when it comes marketing your business on Instagram!

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