Which chair catches your eye first? In direct sales it’s an absolute MUST to stand out from the crowd, to be unique and authentic so that your followers and customers are drawn to your individuality and passion.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Since we’ve been in business, we have formed many amazing friendships with leaders in our industry. Like us, they also live and breathe to help you succeed. Nothing makes us happier than to know that we all share the same passion to teach others how to grow their business the proper way. Here they share their priceless advice with you on what it takes to be successful in Direct Sales and Small Business:

1. Why do you feel it’s important for direct sellers to create original content?

“I like to compare online interaction to in-person situations. If you were to have a home party business, would you follow only your company script and say the exact same thing, in the same way, at the same time intervals, wearing the same clothes at each and every party or other selling event? Of course you wouldn’t. The same is true for your online presence. Be YOU. This builds engagement and breeds loyalty to you as their consultant.” – Karen Clark, My Business Presence

“Using original content allows you to stand out in the crowd of other reps. It shares who you are because, let’s face it, you are yer brand and people don’t have to buy your product from you. So while you represent a company when you join direct sales, it isn’t a cookie cutter business – and thank goodness. You can – and should – be true to who you are. You are marketing yerself online. Branding yerself, your personality, your hobbies; and you can’t do that just sharing everyone else’s graphics & videos. Make yer own stuff, let people get to know you. Let them get to like you. Connect with people.” – Kari Driskell, Driskotech

“Brands provide amazing social assets for their consultants to use. But as a result, all consultants end up looking sort of the same in their social presence. The way to stand out is to create original graphics, imagery, copy and presence. If 10,000 people are sharing the same imagery, but you are creating something different, who is going to stand out?” – Brenda Ster, Sassy Suite

2. Why is it important to switch up the content you share on social media?

“No one likes boring! If you have repeat customers they want to see what’s new in your world. If they return to your Page or even to your parties and everything is the same they will stop paying attention and eventually stop coming altogether. Even if you use the same bulk of content but tweak a few words or add a new image your audience will feel it’s fresh and be more interested in what you’re sharing.” – Desiree Wolfe, The Desiree Wolfe – Business Mentor

“Fresh content keeps your customers coming back for more. Your customers want to have a glimpse into what your life is like so don’t hesitate to get personal with them. Don’t be afraid to post embarrassing things about your life like a messy kitchen because you are making yourself relatable to your customer base. It helps them see you are human too and deal with the everyday stresses of life as well and most importantly it makes you memorable. Your content should relate to your company mission or product but also relate to your customers. Keep it fresh and engaging and your following will build.” – Meighan Hopper, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

3. Why do you feel authentic relationship building is so important for Direct Sellers?

“It’s important because you want to show your heart and how much you care about clients. Instead of only posting “about” product, ask about their need for product. If you sell something associated with food, ask on a scale of 1-10 how much do you like to cook? For fashion and beauty, ask “How many days a week do you wear accessories/makeup?” Ask about what they love about their house and wish they could change if you have products that improve their home. Ask about the ages and passions of their children if you serve family needs. Be different and earn the loyalty of your clients by showing interest in them.” – Michelle Withers, Creative Success Systems

“This business is ALL about relationships. We won’t build it big if we don’t invest our time in developing relationships with our customers, teams, and others in the business. Relationships create customer and team loyalty, which is crucial for longevity.” – Melody Stroud, Usborne Book Barn

“People want to do business and even get close to people who are real. It takes longer and doesn’t happen overnight but when the relationship trust grows, it lasts, and it is a relationship that becomes loyal and dedicated no matter what. It makes a difference to take the time to get to know people and figure out what you can contribute to each other’s lives.” – Jilleysue, Social Media Coach for Direct Sales

4. Do you have any tips or insight you could give direct sellers to avoid Facebook jail?

“Slow down and think about what you are doing. Are you sending the same exact message to 30 people? Are you sending friend requests to people who don’t know who you are? Are you sending private correspondence with marketing messages to people who have not given you an indication that they would be open to receiving it? Are you running simultaneous Facebook parties with the same exact images and text? Are you posting the same exact image and text as every.other.consultant in your company? My best advice is to spend your time and energy starting authentic dialogue and show that you have a genuine interest in making people’s lives better. The sale will come when they know, like and trust you.” – Kelly Paull, Directly Successful

“Keep the social in social media. I need to put that on a t-shirt. For some unknown reason (left to psychologists to figure out) people do things on Facebook they would never do in real life. Adding someone to a group without their permission is one my pet peeves. It’s basically the same thing as kidnapping someone you never met and taking them to a party. Not cool. Same goes for all those spammy “buy my stuff” and “join my team” posts, and over-posting on Facebook parties. I once got invited to a party where the consultant posted 30 times in one day. Oy. If you wouldn’t do it in real life, don’t do it on Facebook.” – Lynn Bardowski, Million $ Party Girl

“My best tip for avoiding Facebook jail is to treat your social media business just like you would if it was the real world. You wouldn’t be sales pitching every time you open your mouth. You wouldn’t grab “strangers” off the sidewalk and into a room to listen to your sales pitch. Don’t do these things on social media either! Most importantly if you get inspired by somebody else’s Facebook post, change the words so it becomes your own.” – Trisha Lewis, Perfectly Posh

5. What is the best tip you would tell someone brand new to direct sales for them to be successful?

“Don’t try to do everything at once but whatever you do – do it well, do it consistently and become comfortable. Pick one social site, make a system, be consistent, post daily, and when a routine develops and it becomes second nature add another site and continue to grow your online presence gradually yet sustainably. The world wide web is exactly that, a web. Link to your sales site, your blog and each social site to other social sites. The more links you have connecting your activities the stronger your web becomes. You must provide value to your followers, build relationships and serve!” – Deb Bixler, Party Plan Training

“Focus on developing a mindset of success, treat your business like a business & surround yourself with positive influences. You can achieve anything that you choose to believe in and are willing to put the work and effort into. Get out of your friends & family zone (and your comfort zone) and just do the work consistently. Your results will always equal your effort. It won’t always be easy, but your dreams are worth it!” – Misty Kearns, CEO of Me

Be the coral chair.

For more insight from these amazing industry leaders, join the CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training group where they all pop in and offer their advice! See you there!

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