Facebook is a pretty amazing social media platform considering literally almost everyone on the planet is using it! Direct sellers and small business owners are able to market their businesses completely for free to an infinite amount of potential customers. But now that the platform powerhouse has created internal features which allow for content to be stored and scheduled, a big safety concern also arises with these new options.

Facebook has been cracking down (pun intended!) on many users’ accounts, placing them in “Facebook Jail” with the inability to post in groups, share links, or comment, for example. There are many types of FB Jail, but if you plan on using Facebook Creator Studio, you will also have to consider the possibility that your content may also be blocked from you having access to any of it. If your entire Facebook account is placed on lockdown, you won’t have the ability to retrieve any of your assets that you store inside the Creator Studio. This means that if you only store your content on Facebook, you may want to reconsider.

Your social posts are your precious business assets which means that saving all your content in Facebook Creator Studio is dangerous for any business and even more so for social media managers that create and manage content for their clients. Facebook is free and Facebook Creator Studio is free, but the platform has been known to be glitchy and unreliable due to many factors. What if you found yourself blocked and ALL of your social/digital assets were gone or unattainable and all the social posts you had created for clients were wiped out? That’s definitely no bueno. 

Many have resorted to Twitter to voice their concerns about the #FacebookLockout as they are literally unable to log into their Facebook accounts. If you go and search the hashtag, you’ll discover a bunch of Facebook users who are trying to make sense of this profile block.

Mashable recently published an article sharing various tweets from frustrated users who have been blocked:

Cory Comer, a director of marketing at the company RateLinx, was locked out of his account for a week, with no help from Facebook. In addition to that, being that his account is the one personal profile connected to RateLinkx’s Facebook Page, no one in the company could access the page either.

That is why it’s smart to invest in a 3rd party content management system like CinchShare or Hootsuite so you have complete control over your social assets. We just wanted to put it out there that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of your business, plus, you can save and organize social posts for ALL platforms, not just Facebook and Instagram (both which are owned and operated BY Facebook)Facebook Creator Studio only allows for the management of Facebook’s companies, and that leaves out other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest which are all amazing platforms to grow your business!

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