Facebook Algorithm Secret - Bite-size Content

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your Facebook content is to focus on bite-sized content. What does that mean? Instead of creating one post that talks about multiple things – create multiple smaller posts! While it can feel like a good idea to make video and image combined posts on Facebook, it’s best to break up that content into multiple posts!

Better Engagement
The best practice when sharing content on Facebook with the intent of educating or inspiring your audience is to share bite-sized posts. These smaller posts with less in them perform best.

Short Shelf Life
Anything you post on social media, especially Facebook, has an extremely short shelf life. The best way to give it the best chance of being seen is to make sure you’re not bunching it into another post. This is why using CinchShare to schedule your social media can be helpful because you can re-use content by scheduling it in seconds.

Short Attention Spans
Your audience has a time and attention limitation! We are all running a million miles an hour and it’s important to create content the way your audience needs it – and they need it smaller and faster. Take the one post with 5 things in it and instead divide that information into 5 separate posts, change up the post type by making some videos/photos/links/etc. Easily review your posts and types in your CinchShare folder view.

Ways to Schedule Bite-Sized Content in CinchShare

Take that huge paragraph of text, or huge post with video and images and divide it up! Take a small bit of information and create one of the posts types below with it.

Follow these 3 tips for the best results in post engagement on Facebook! For more tools and training you can trust, visit the CinchShare Facebook Group.



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