Crickets. Is that what you “hear” when you post in your Facebook Group? Fear not! This can change in 3 easy steps. If you follow our lead and do as we say – because it’s what we do ourselves (so, you know, we know that it works!) – then you will surely have a bunch of chatty birds in your group before you know it!

Adhere to the 80/20 Rule
The 80/20 Rule is actually pretty simple! You want to post content that is 80% non-promotional posts with 20% being your biz posts (aka products and business opportunity). That means out of 10 posts, 8 of them will be about topics that offer value and create engagement while 2 of them will be directly about your business. This applies to ALL platforms and locations on social media, meaning that yes, in your FB group, you will want to adhere to the 80/20 Rule. Why? Because social media is meant to be SOCIAL – especially in groups. People are not interested in seeing product ad after product ad. Sure, they want to receive updates on the latest products and sales, but as far as daily posts, be sure to provide value and give them a reason to check in and see what you’re posting. And remember to have the content relate to your business so that you can learn more about your group members and they get to know you as well. Here are a bunch of great ideas to help you put your 80% thinking cap on!

Ask Questions with CTAs
A ‘CTA’, or Call to Action, authentically derives a response from your group members when used – we put one on every. single. post. in our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook group. Why? Because they work! If you don’t ask a question, why would someone comment and not just click on a reaction? Naturally, by giving them a gentle push by asking their opinion or experience about something, they will jump at the chance to “help” or give their two cents. Everyone looooves to give their two cents on Facebook – we all know it! Because of this fun fact, CTAs are a MUST when you’re posting in your group.

Be consistent
Post daily in your group. Even if it’s just one post, being consistent and visible in your members’ news feeds will show them that 1) you are active and passionate about what you do and 2) you are a reliable source for them. They can count on you. You’re stable and provide great content as well as products when they need them. By planning ahead and scheduling your posts, you can not only save time but you can also focus on getting to know your group members!

Go LIVE and show them who you really are! Share funny family moments, be yourself. Don’t worry about having the “perfect recording” – it’s your group! People will be drawn to you and open up to you if you’re friendly, upbeat and laugh along with them at your bloopers!

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