The holiday social selling season is upon us which is our most favorite time of the year for direct sellers because we get to see you doing your thing on social media. It’s really fun to watch you all get creative and post your holiday content in our news feed but why stop there? Festive theme parties are a fantastic way to increase bookings and sales, up the fun factor and, most importantly, get your guests into the spirit of the holidays!

So what IS a Facebook Theme Party?
A Facebook Theme Party is where you take your normal party script and set it against the backdrop of a theme, but the great thing is, you get to use your regular script and just make a few “themed” tweaks to it and you are good to go!

Why bother with a theme party?
People like theme parties because they are fun and different. They make you and your business stand out as something unique. It is time to inject some LIFE and FLAIR back into your online parties and theme parties are the perfect way to do that!

Before we dive into building a theme party, we want to take a minute and set your mind at ease about something; the great thing about hosting Facebook Theme Parties (and even home theme parties) is that your script remains pretty much the same, just a couple theme-y tweaks and you are good to go!

We don’t want you stressing over the idea of themes, they are a way to increase your business, not increase your stress level! So we want you to let your hair down a little and prepare to get those creative juices flowing! Themes are all about entertainment and engagement.

First thing’s first. Coach your Host!
Make a short list of theme parties that you’d like to offer to your Hostesses. Once you have your party themes ready (3-5 or so), share it with your Host and let her choose whichever one she wants, be excited about whichever theme she chooses because it is the BEST theme for her & her friends!

Proper Host coaching is key here, as you want her to know that everything remains the same as it would with a normal party, only you’re kicking up the entertainment level a notch with a fun and festive theme!

Here is a handy FREE printable to help you coach and keep track of your Host’s party!

Create your festive theme party scripts
As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of a theme party is to elevate the fun factor, not increase stress levels! So in order to create a fun theme party script, you simply take your existing script and add in the theme of choice. You would do this using your core engagement posts, meaning the countdown to the party posts (aka pre-posts), games, Welcome post, etc. Take a look at this blog post to see exactly what we mean!

Keep your festive theme party bundles categorized

CinchShare is far more than just a Facebook Party scheduler, we are also a content management system! You can create folders and subfolders right inside your CinchShare account and store all your theme parties. For example, you could create a “Theme Party” folder and then create sub-folders inside that folder to house all your theme party scripts! Just think of how organized your content will be and how EASY it will be to find all your theme parties in your CinchShare account!

And did you also know that as a CinchShare user you can SHARE content and folders with other CinchShare users? It’s pretty sweet! Just imagine how awesome this could be for your team!! If you have 2-3 theme parties created and I have 2-3 theme parties created, we could share them with each other and now we both have 6 theme party scripts and images ready to go for our Host to choose from! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Design your own Festive Theme Parties
Creating your images is simple using the Design with Canva button in your CinchShare account. You can easily upload your own photos or choose from their library of free stock photos that match your theme to create the perfect theme party graphics!

Use our Festive Theme Party Bundles!
If you’re a Cinch Pro user, (or join now for FREE!) you can choose from our awesome FESTIVE THEME PARTY BUNDLES to help you create amazing scripts for your parties! And of course you have access to many more theme bundles as well as thousands of ready-made graphics in your account in the Cinch Graphics library!

Join us in our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook Group for more amazing FB party ideas! We’re an awesome community of like-minded business owners who love to help one another succeed!

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