Are you a leader in your direct sales company trying to get new recruits to join your team and you seem to be striking out?

The internet has opened so many doors when it comes to direct sales and marketing online. Those that are doing it right are killing it. We want to help you make this year your best ever in all 3 areas of your business: booking, sales and recruiting. We know you use social media in your business daily so why not make it work for you with recruiting and building a team? The secret is online recruiting is not very different from in-person recruiting. First, you have to get in the right mindset. In this case, attitude is everything!

Here are our top tips for getting into the mindset of a master online recruiter.

  • Share your story and be relatable. Your job is not to convince but to educate.
  • Use Facebook Live to get noticed so you can attract more qualified recruits
  • Take a leadership posture and think of your opportunity as a gift that you are offering others.
  • Your vibe absolutely attracts your tribe. When you conduct yourself as an excellent direct seller, you recruit excellent business partners.
  • Show results rather than facts. Talk about what your business opportunity has done for you and your family. Show and share transformations in your life and the impact it has made.

Recruiting Mastery: Learn The Four steps of Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting, creating a duplicatable system is key. We love systems because it helps keep our work process organized and is duplicatable. Let’s go over the steps and break down the activities within each one. Once you are set with the steps, all you have to do is take action and make things happen. This may require stepping outside of your comfort zone at times and doing things that are scary or uncomfortable. That is okay! Success rarely happens inside the comfort zone. Ready to learn what you need to do?

1. Prospecting & building trust

Prospecting literally means, “digging for gold.” Be intentional in your marketing efforts and actively go out and search for business partners. Building relationships takes time and patience but is so worth it.
Build trust by learning how to ask questions of your prospects. When you are truly interested in others and show that you care, they begin to trust and like you. Asking questions will allow you to enter the other person’s world and truly understand them.

Uncover your prospects need, desire or problem. You won’t know if your opportunity, product or service is a fit for the other person until you find out what struggles and challenges they’re having, or desires they have.

Find out if they are open to learning more, not interested in joining your company. Asking if they are open will allow you to advance to the next stage of recruiting. Not everyone will be open and that is okay too. Embrace the no’s and let that motivate you to keep asking others.

2. Extend an invitation to take a look at the business

Only once you’ve completed the above steps is it appropriate to extend an invitation to take a look at a video, listen to a call or attend a meeting. What you want to do is expose them to some information so they can learn more about your opportunity. Where most people go wrong with this is that they confuse the invitation with the presentation. Once you find out if they are open to learning about your business, then you extend the invitation.

3. Presenting the business opportunity information

Now here is the fun part! Presenting the information to your prospect. If you made it this far, give yourself a huge pat on the back. Once your prospects agrees to take a look at your information, you want to use third party resources. Third party means anything that is not you. That can mean you send them to an event, a three-way phone call with your upline or a call recording, you can send them a link to a video or a website link. We also love using Cinchshare to schedule online opportunity events from your Facebook business page. You can have these events weekly and send them the direct link.
You don’t want to be the presenter because you want to keep this process duplicatable. A prospect should be thinking, “She had me watch a video…I can do that.”

4. Closing the deal and welcoming your new recruit

You have put in a lot of hard work with prospecting, building a relationship, inviting and presenting your opportunity to your potentials. Do not let all that hard work go to waste by not closing the deal. Do not assume they are going to just come running to you ready to sign up. Closing is an art and a skill that will actively put money in your pocket. Closing will save you the frustration of chasing prospects who have no intention of signing on. Closing can be as simple as asking. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.

Here are some simple scripts for closing:
  • I am excited that you loved the information I sent you and I am happy to hear you are excited about our business opportunity. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being a “no” and 10 being “ready to jump in,” where do you see yourself?
  • I am thrilled that you can see yourself getting involved with _______________, we have a training for new reps starting on Tuesday of next week, can I help you get signed up so you can attend that training?
  • I would like to extend an invitation to join my team, let’s get you signed up so you can start going through the training!

Start implementing these tips into your business today and let us know what recruiting strategies are working for you. We love to see you succeed and look forward to celebrating you and your team.


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