Wondering how to find your Facebook party or training again in your Facebook Group? We have a great hack on how to keep your group organized and easily find a party you posted to your group wall (which we recommend as it’s your group “living room”). Since the default sort preference on the group wall is “recent posts,” it makes it hard to find the posts as well as share them again in the future. 

How to organize your Facebook Party posts in a Facebook Group using a Post Topic Tag

In this example, we are organizing all the posts from our Tuesday night free training “Simplify Facebook Groups” that we posted in the CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook Group. Check out this training anytime by clicking this link which is available because of this trick below! 

Step 1: Schedule your posts from CinchShare for your party so you can use your time interacting with the guests instead of worrying about copy/pasting your posts!

Step 2: During or after the party, you are going to click your post to add a topic tag. Hover over the 3 dots in the top right corner of EACH Facebook post. See image below.

Step 3: Click “Add or Edit Post Topic”

Step 4: Type in the topic. Click “add topic” if you don’t have it there already. For this example – we named our topic “FB Groups Training”.  Tips – Style them like a normal sentence by ensuring you have proper spaces and capitalization. Also – don’t get too wordy since you only see about 15 characters in the sidebar.

Step 5: Once you add your post topic to all your party posts, you’ll be able to easily find them in the group sidebar under “popular topics in posts”. You can even grab the link and share that link to the posts instead like you would have shared an event link. Our training had 14 posts in it as you can see when you hover over the topic link.

Your posts will show up in the order you posted them with the first one showing at the bottom and working it’s way up to the last (most recent) post shared. Here’s a video showing you how our post topic of “FB Groups Training” looks like in our group.

You can also see the posts live in the CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1706981072854335/post_tags/?post_tag_id=2617848468434253&ref=rhc_tag

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