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How to Get Your Business Set Up on Twitter

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Twitter is a great platform for direct sellers and small business owners to reach an entirely new audience and we definitely encourage you to give it a try! Since we have heard from a bunch of you that you would love to be on Twitter but don’t really understand…

Published: Sep 10, 2022

Twitter is a great platform for direct sellers and small business owners to reach an entirely new audience and we definitely encourage you to give it a try! Since we have heard from a bunch of you that you would love to be on Twitter but don’t really understand it, we’re going to break it down for you in very simple steps!

So…What Exactly IS Twitter?
Twitter is a social media platform made up of short (140 character) messages called tweets. People, organizations, and businesses use it to share their content in snippet form by linking to blogs, websites and videos for more detailed information. Twitter has an average of 319 million active users every month, with an average of 500 million tweets per day. Pretty impressive!

Twitter is a very fast moving platform, which allows you to send out as many tweets as you want. You can tweet once an hour, twice an hour or as many times as you would like and you’ll be seen by different people all day and night!

Basic Functions of Twitter:

Retweet: If someone loves your content they can “retweet” and share your tweet on their profile which gives you more visibility.

Favorite: If you love someone’s content, click the heart and show some love!

Direct Message: You can send someone a personal message.

Lists: You can sort users into lists (categorize them) which you can set as public or secret.

Twitter Live: You can go live and share an experience with your audience.

Twitter Handle: A Twitter handle is a user’s name with the @ sign. You can use a person’s “handle” to tag them in a tweet. For example, to tag us, it would be @cinchshare We love getting tagged FYI!

To Get Started, First You’ll Want to Create Your Profile

You want to use either the same or a very similar name across all platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and your Facebook Business Page so that your followers can easily identify you.

Your profile photo should be a clear picture of you, not your dog, kids or company logo (unless you’re a large brand and it’s your OWN personal logo for your business). We do recommend using a professional headshot and adding your logo into your header (banner) photo. As with all social platforms, you want people to see and get to know, like and trust YOU so as a solopreneur, using yourself as your profile pic is really the way to go!

Create a header photo (i.e., the large banner image across the top) that reflects your purpose and passion. This helps you connect with people on a more personal level and they will want to follow you to see what value and service you can provide to them.

Use the same handle (@yourname or @businessname) as you have on Instagram so people can easily search for you on Twitter. The crazier/longer the handle, the harder it will be for them to type it correctly and find you!

In your short bio, tell people who you are, information about your business – website is a must! – and your passion while incorporating a couple hashtags if possible.

Building an Audience

People won’t see you unless you start following others. Twitter is a “follow for follow” platform. You follow them, they follow you. First, find your current customers and share your profile on your other social media channels to connect with those you already know. Next, find your target audience. You can search hashtags, people, or places. Spend some time following people who you WANT to bring into your Twitter world. It’s very fun and exciting to start engaging with and get followed by others. You’ll see! And don’t be discouraged if you aren’t receiving follows immediately. You can’t build an audience over night. It’s a process so set a goal to follow 50-100 people a day and you’ll see the return as long as you keep at it!


You will get notifications when people interact with your content. Some examples of those notifications would be:

  • Someone favorites a tweet of yours
  • A user mentions (tags) you in a tweet
  • You get a new follower-remember to follow them back!
  • Someone sends you a direct message
  • Someone retweets your tweet


Now What To Tweet?

A tweet is 140 characters or less. Hashtags are extremely important on Twitter because that is how your content is found – think keywords for your target audience. Keep your hashtags to a minimum, rule of thumb is no more than two hashtags per tweet.

Always try to include graphics because it is simply more pleasing to the eye and will catch their attention. Videos and GIFs are also a great way to receive likes and retweets!

You want to provide valuable content about your business. Use Call-to-Actions to ask people questions or opinions that will create engagement. Sharing funny content is always a good idea; everyone loves to laugh!

You can share posts from your Instagram and Pinterest accounts as well as your Facebook Business Page by posting the link to that particular post you want to share. Because Twitter is so fast moving it’s ok to have the same content in your tweets but remember to also add in new tweets and retweet others’ content daily! With CinchShare, you can easily batch weeks worth of tweets in no time. We know because we do it ourselves! Check out our Twitter Playlist to see everything you can do to have an active and consistent presence on Twitter and let us know which feature is your favorite!

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