Recently, a high number of posts have been individually blocked by Facebook. This is happening to both manual posts as well as scheduled posts because they are being overly used and have triggered Facebook’s spam/security filters. We have done a bunch of research and the blocks are occurring on all post types: status updates, photo posts, and link posts where the content is exactly the same or mostly the same.

Posts FB Jail


Blocked Posts

Here are 3 examples of posts that are currently being blocked:

Example 1:  UPDATE – The ban on this particular post has been lifted!

Try to post this text manually on Facebook right now:  “Well, at least air doesn’t have calories, right?”

When you do, Facebook will block your post and you will see the following message:

Our security systems have detected that a lot of people are posting the same content, which could mean that it’s spam. Please try a different post.


Don’t use the same carbon copy content as everyone on your team. Sharing ideas is fantastic, but by creating your own images and changing the post message to reflect your unique voice, your posts will not be blocked. Facebook’s spam filters are being triggered because thousands of consultants are using the exact verbiage and images. Be original!


Example 2: 

Certain company images are currently being blocked by Facebook because they have been posted by hundreds, if not thousands, of consultants. Posting the same image repeatedly causes a post to get blocked. Facebook will not allow you to schedule the post or post it manually.


Take photos of your favorite and most popular products and create your own unique images! We integrated Canva into CinchShare so that you can easily design your own content for this very purpose. It’s a win-win as Facebook loves personalized content and your guests will also appreciate seeing the “real life” use of your products coming from you rather than the use of corporate images.


Example 3:

Posts that have messages that are being repeated too often are also being blocked due to not altering the content enough. When you only replace the host’s name and website link (in this image, for example) Facebook will still block the post because too much of the text remains the same.

spam script


If your company is sharing scripts and you’re not personalizing them to be in your own voice then Facebook will consider the post to be spam. Change up the sentence structure by editing your post to be authentic to you, which will not only help your post from being blocked, but it will likely help you increase sales and grow your relationships.  Simply be yourself!

It is very apparent that everyone needs to be creating and posting their own original content. We have been encouraging this since day one. The whole repeating template idea – people posting and sharing the exact same content over and over and over – not only causes issues with Facebook, but also doesn’t make for a successful party. Consultants sharing entire party scripts and posts with one another and posting cookie cutter content with the same messages over and over are all being blocked. To make sure that your posts don’t get blocked, you can follow the solutions we provided. Facebook has been cracking down on the amount of spam lately so we highly recommend that you implement these guidelines into your marketing strategy and share with your teams so that everyone can be aware of the right way to post and how to avoid being blocked and put in Facebook Jail. The most important thing to remember is that Facebook wants originality so if you create your own content and follow our party script guidelines you should be in the clear!

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