Yay!! They finally signed up and are joining your team, but the next 24 hours can be make or break time.

A sure way to keep that new team mate excited is to not overwhelm them, keep it easy and give them the tools they need from the start. If you’re not sure how to do that, then you’re in the right place!

Follow these steps to help social media sales newbies feel less overwhelmed and help you breathe a sigh of relief.

Make it easy

It may be tempting to give that new rep a Word document with all the things they can say to answer questions, educate about the business and product – but the problem is this drowns them in extra time and confusion, and they are chained to their computer to have access to this important information.

Instead, you can add the verbiage into CinchShare which gives them instant access from any device at any time, saves them from copying & pasting, allows them to find what they need with powerful search.

Old school = Time Wasted

Don’t drown them in multiple documents, links, groups and websites. Instead, you can give them what they need all in one spot, organized and ready to be scheduled to their social media.

Most importantly, if you need to make a change to a script that was shared in a Word file, you will have to email everyone the new file and make sure they delete the old one. Avoid any mishap by having one instantly sync’d spot that can be updated for everyone with a click.

Share with one link

Create unlimited folders and subfolders for your team. Save yourself time and only share ONE link to give them EVERYTHING they need. As the folder owner, you have advanced permissions to ensure access to only who you want and even add collaborators.

Example team folders

Thousands of multi-million dollar teams grow using CinchShare! Here are some real examples of team folders of top teams on CinchShare. We have edited the team name for privacy.

Whether you have a team of 1 or 10,000 – you will reach your goals easier and faster with CinchShare!

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