There’s a finesse to the art of social selling. At CinchShare, we like to refer to it as strategic “social sharing”, because there are definitely things you do not want to do when you’re marketing your business (such as sell on your personal timeline).

This post is all about how to use one of the most under-used features in Facebook – albums.

Albums are one of (if not) the BEST ways to share in a strategic and non-salesy way and, simply put, people LOVE to look through them!

Why use Facebook Albums?

  • Share more than 10 images in a post!
  • Facebook Loves Them!
  • Increase visibility for your Facebook Business Page
  • People LOVE virtual photo albums and can’t help but scroll through

What types of albums should you have for your business?

These are great for sharing how your products work and which ones are the most popular as well as highlighting which are best as gifts for certain times of the year:

  • Best Sellers – A custom album made up of pictures of your top 10 best selling products
  • Product Demo – A custom album of personal pictures of products in use
  • Product Testimonials – A custom album of testimonials from customers
  • Bundles – A custom album of great gift ideas for holidays and special occasions
  • Reviews – Everyone loves to read reviews of customer feedback!

Create custom photo albums that focus on booking new parties and classes. Highlight things that a customer or guest would want to know about about hosting a party, put it all at their fingertips and make it easy for them to say ‘YES! I want to party with you!’

  • Past Hosts – A custom album featuring past Hosts and all the free product they earned
  • Perks of Hostess Program – A custom album of images that share the top benefits of hosting a party with you
  • Host Only Items – A custom album of products available to Hosts only

These custom albums are perfect for sharing how your lifestyle rocks because of your business! By sharing these, you’re sure to intrigue your friends and followers into chatting with you which can lead to them joining your team!

  • Business Perks – A custom album of some of the things you have been able to do as a result of your business
  • Business Opportunity – A custom album that shares the basics of getting started with your business as a Consultant
  • Incentive Travel – A custom album that share fun pictures of any incentive travel you have earned from the company, who wouldn’t love a free trip?
  • Conferences – A custom album of photos from your national conference, retreats and meetings, showcasing fun, friends and yummy food!

What do they look like when shared to a Private Facebook Group?

How to schedule facebook album post

How to schedule facebook album post

How to create a Facebook album

Albums are super fun to create and we’re sure you already have a few on your personal timeline from Christmas or birthday parties and vacations. It works the same way on your business page! Setting up custom photo albums is easy, the hardest part is choosing the photos that you want to include!

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Click on Photos then Create Album
  3. Choose the photos you wish to add to your custom album
  4. Write any descriptions you wish to go with each photo
  5. Name your album something simple that explains the photos inside and you can include a description if you like (website links are awesome here too)

How to SHARE the Facebook Album in a scheduled post

  1. Create Facebook Album on a public Facebook Business Page – upload images
  2. Copy URL link of album
  3. Paste into Link Import box and click “chain-link” icon
  4. Add message to the post
  5. Schedule to your Facebook Group

How to schedule INTO a Facebook Album

*Note – Facebook only allows one image post at a time to be scheduled INTO a Facebook Album*

  1. Create Facebook Album on a public Facebook Business Page – upload images
  2. Go to CinchShare Networks page, click Facebook tab, click Refresh Networks
  3. See album nested under the public Facebook Business Page – make heart icon Navy Blue
  4. Go to schedule post dashboard
  5. Create a post – and click the Album to schedule into.

How to Schedule an Album Post

Share way more than 10 images and switch up your party by sharing an Album post with CinchShare! Why use Facebook Albums?• Share more than 10 images in a post!• Facebook Loves Them!• Increase visibility for your Facebook Business Page• People LOVE virtual photo albums and can't help but scroll throughHow to SHARE the Facebook Album in a scheduled post1. Create Facebook Album on a public Facebook Business Page – upload images2. Copy URL link of album3. Paste into Link Import box and click "chain-link" icon4. Add message to the post5. Schedule to your Facebook GroupFor CinchShare user support – message our page directly CinchShare.For social media questions – join and message our Facebook Group CinchShare Facebook Party & Social Media Training.Join CinchShare today and get a 30-Day FREE TRIAL with this link: bit.ly/page-cinch30daysfree

Posted by CinchShare on Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Is your mind just overflowing with all kinds of ideas of what to put in your Facebook albums? Here is an awesome Albums Planner printable to help you get those thoughts together and make those albums happen! We can’t wait to see the albums that you create! Share the links with us below so we can check them out!

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