If you’re a regular visitor here at the CinchShare blog, you already know that as a direct seller, it’s really important to put yourself out there as not only a business owner, but also as a personable and reliable source to attract potential customers. While we feel that Facebook is still the #1 platform for direct sellers, Instagram is close behind with its visual appeal and ease of use on mobile devices. People are attracted to the platform because of the way they can see into the lives of those they follow and that’s great for you because you can show off your brand and love for your products just by being yourself! If you’re not exactly sure how to set up your account and what to post, no worries! We list it all out for you right here. Get ready to share your #awesomesauce on Instagram!


Instagram for Business

General Tips When You Get Started

After you’ve set up your business profile, double check and make sure you’ve taken the following steps:

  • Make sure your profile is a Business Profile. Posting for your business on a personal profile can be considered spam and give your brand a negative reputation. You’ll want to create an entirely new feed for your business or switch your personal profile to a business one in your settings if you’re going to use it for business.
  • Choose a clear Profile Picture of yourself smiling and representing your brand. You can strategically place an item you sell in the picture or wear your favorite item, but the focus should be on you. Customers buy from people, so they want to see who you are.
  • Include a link in your bio to your Facebook business page. When followers see something they like, they’ll go to your bio to learn more. If you can get them to your Facebook page, they’ll have access to a lot of content in one place.
  • Looking for followers? Connect your Instagram to your Facebook. You’ll see which Facebook followers are also on Instagram. Follow them on Instagram and they’ll likely follow you back since they’re already fans of your brand.
  • Instagram operates on the idea that less is more. Post 1-2 times a day so you stay in the conversation without cluttering people’s feeds.

How to Market Your Brand

Instagram is a fun platform that challenges you to connect with people in just a few words or pictures each day. People turn to Instagram for inspiration and ideas, not for lengthy messages that ask for a sale each time you post. Here are a few ways to reach the crowd on Instagram like a pro:

  • Tell a story with your profile. Customers want to see you in real-life situations. Share what your day looks like and how the products you sell improve your daily life. If you’re relatable, your customers will think of you when they’re in similar situations and see the need that your product provides the solution for.
  • Share fun and engaging content with your followers. Ask them questions on an image and have them comment below with their answers. Or, share inspiring quotes that you come across. Remember, people don’t go to Instagram with the intention of purchasing something, they come for inspiration and to feel connected. Add value to their day!
  • Explicitly promote your brand 20% of the time. Of course you want to talk about a big sale you have coming up or a party you’re excited to host, but only do so 20% of the time. If you’re posting personal and engaging content the other 80%, people will want to know more about your brand and follow the link in your bio when you ask them to.

Use Hashtags to Create a Tribe with Instagram

The best way to create a loyal following on Instagram is to create a tribe that loves you and your brand. When people feel like they belong to your tribe, they value the content you post and are excited to see what you share next. Excited customers are the best kinds of customers. Here are some ways to create a tribe with hashtags:

  • Include 15-20 relevant hashtags with each post so the most people see your content.
  • Create a hashtag for your brand that your customers can get excited to be a part of. They want to belong to #YourTribe because it’s a fun group that inspires them to be better versions of themselves
  • Hashtag the brand you represent so people interested in that brand see the content you post.
  • Keep track of your hashtags with THESE PRINTABLES. They’re free and allow you to keep all those crazy #s in one place.
  • Check out our blog for more ideas about how to use hashtags for your business: (http://blog.cinchshare.com/3271/a-hashtag-guide-for-direct-sellers)

Once you get the hang of it, Instagram is actually a really fun platform to connect with people. As always, we’re here to help you navigate through the confusion and set your brand apart, so please don’t hesitate to ask us questions and remember to have a great time marketing your biz!

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