Yes, yes, we know that it’s the beginning of the summer season so you’re thinking about all the fun family festivities you have planned but do you know what else is super fun? Vendor Events! Not only are vendor events a blast, they also provide a great source of leads and steady income which is a must for any successful business. We recently interviewed Deb Bixler of the Cash Flow Show to get her take on vendor events and explain exactly how and why you should add them to your calendar!

Why do you think vendor events are important?
Vendor events, expos, trade shows and other venues where you can set up a table and talk to strangers are the best way to keep any business solid. When you make a habit out of going to a vendor event every month you will never worry about where to find business again.

It is a proven system that all successful businesses use. A system that works for one business will work for any business that applies the same technique. Ask any corporation or major company and you will find that going to trade shows is top on their list for lead generation and becoming a part of the greater community.

No business stands alone and direct sellers are no exceptions. Attending monthly vendor events will not only keep your business solid, improve your networking skills and close rates, it will also provide you with a venue to meet business collaborators, get involved in your community as well as train your team!

How do you suggest finding quality vendor events?
Finding trade shows to attend is as simple as a Google search or calling newspapers, radio stations or the Chamber of Commerce.

You also often find them when you are out doing your thing, running errands and living life. They are happening all around you, so keep your eyes open and when you see one taking place check it out.

Go in as a guest, network with the vendors and find out if your ideal customer is there. If it looks like it is a match, find the organizer and put your name on the list for next year.

What are the most important parts of a vendor event for you?
Two things…
Qualify Your Leads! Make sure you engage with each guest and determine if it is a good lead so that your follow up is more effective.
Follow Up!! If you are not going to do your follow up within 24-48 hours you shouldn’t go.

What is your #1 piece of advice when it comes to vendor events?
Don’t go to the event with a plan to close deals, book parties, sign consultants or sell product. All those things take time and in doing so, you may be letting the best lead walk past. Your ‘close’ should be done in the follow up!

Deb Bixler is the Chamber of Commerce educator providing training to vendors prior to each annual trade show. With a specialty in party plan and direct sales, she provides systems that work for all direct sellers. Be sure to join us in our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook group as Deb hosts the first workshop in our $ummer $ellabration Workshop $eries so you can learn all about how to maximize your sales at vendor events! See you there!

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