Now that you’ve created and set up your awesome Facebook business page and know what to post on it from our last two blog posts, it’s time to grow your followers and increase engagement so it’s a happenin’ place to check out every day! We’ve compiled a few easy tips that you can apply to your business page strategy so you can get started right now, they are that simple, we promise.

Get more followers
If you click below your Page’s cover photo, then select “Invite Friends,” you can select all of the people you’d like to invite to follow your page.

By inviting your friends to follow your page, they will be able to see the content you share, thus keeping you and your business fresh in their minds. You can also invite people who engage with your posts to like your page too!

Using Call to Actions (CTAs) in your post messages (like those we shared in last week’s blog post), you can invite your followers to think of a friend who would benefit from the information you are sharing and pass it along to them, resulting in a new lead for your business.

Start sharing your Business Page EVERYWHERE!
Add the page link to your business cards, catalog labels, anywhere and everywhere you advertise your business. And don’t forget about using CinchShare’s awesome TextClips feature! TextClips are similar to signature lines at the bottom of your email where you can list out contact information (or anything you want!)! In this case, you could use TextClips to add your biz page link to social posts to encourage people to follow your page.

For example:
Follow my page for more 30 minute or less kid-friendly recipes: www.facebook.com/yourbusinesspage

Be entertaining
The best way to get more followers for your Facebook Business Page is to post information that your followers want to share out themselves! By sharing good content, your page will be more active and engaging and the more personal and active you can make your page, the better! What do people want to see? Photos! Your followers love to see photos of you, your team, and what you have going on! If you tag your customers in their photos on your page, their friends will see them and see your page as a result. Be sure to take lots of photos at each of your live events, parties, vendor booths and tag everyone in the photos!

And check out our CinchShare SAVE feature! You can SAVE photos from your vendor events and all your strategic marketing photos that we talked about in last week’s training! Save them all in CinchShare so you have them at your fingertips to use again in the future!

Link your business page to your Facebook Group
According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s focus moving forward is to strengthen communities and groups which is why one of Facebook’s latest feature releases has been the ability to link your Facebook Group to your Business Page. Facebook business pages act more like an online business card that links to your website, all of your social profiles, and now your Facebook community group.

Facebook groups are where to focus for building your community as that’s where you are going to receive the most engagement! By linking to your group from your page, you can now lead people to your community where they can connect with you on a more personal level!

Did you know that you can post as your Business Page inside your Facebook Groups using CinchShare? It’s true!

You can choose to connect certain groups to your business page and then choose to post inside those Groups as your Facebook Business Page. This new feature is fantastic for Facebook Parties and online classes, posting in your Customer Group, but also for virtual assistants & content managers who need to post as their client in Groups and for collaborative trainings/workshops with multiple people.

Check out this quick tutorial video to see how easy it is to start posting as your business page in your Facebook Groups!

Know when and how to post
You should be strategic about WHEN you are posting to specific social media platforms. Check out this blog article for best time to post on social platforms, including Facebook!

And remember, CinchShare has unlimited scheduling so you can pre-schedule all of your posts, which means you can control the timing and are able to post at the “right times”, even if you are not on the computer at those times! We give you the full control, absolutely no restrictions. You can schedule to business pages and groups you admin. How cool is that? Not to mention, we also allow you to schedule posts to Twitter & Instagram and pin to Pinterest!!

Track your insights
Learn to track your INSIGHTS on your Facebook Business Page to learn the best times to post & what your followers respond to!

Yes, Facebook will actually TELL you when is the best time to post on your page and they will tell you which posts are getting the most interaction, isn’t that something you would like to know?

Insights is FREE and it is already on your FB Business Page! Simply click the “Insights” option in the top of your page to see:
– Overview: This is a 7 day snapshot of your page activity such as LIKES, post reach, engagement, etc.
– Likes: This will tell you if you are growing in fans or losing fans, good info to know!
– Reach: This will tell you how many people your page reaches every day. You are looking for spikes and dips so you can see what you posted that got interaction (or those posts that did not).

Share your content
You can totally use your Facebook Business Page as an online filing cabinet for information you want to access and share over and over to other locations on Facebook!

For example:
CUSTOM ALBUMS – You can create Custom Albums of different product categories and share them with party guests, using the same folder link each time!

FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEOS – You could create a bunch of 2 minute product demo videos or a business opportunity video and then share those videos over and over again from your business page!

AND you can even pre-schedule those video shares using CinchShare’s LINK feature!

Tag your business page
Make it super easy for people to get to you by tagging your page!

Just type @ and the page name (no spaces): like @cinchshare
You can tag your business page everywhere; in groups, in pages, in events, in FB messenger, etc!

Try it out below and see, tag your business page!
1. Type your @name SLOWLY (it takes a bit for Facebook to catch up)
2. Click on the page/group when it pops up as a suggestion
3. If it does not work, go back to your business page and make CERTAIN you are doing your @name exactly like it says under your name, it will give you your @name to use and you have to do it the exact way it is listed!

After you start doing these eight simple steps you’ll be increasing your followers and engagement by leaps and bounds! Be sure to join our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook Group if you haven’t already for more great social media marketing tips!

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