The day is finally here! It’s the morning of your much anticipated vendor event and you couldn’t be more excited! You packed the car last night, triple checked that you have everything you need from A-Z, and now you’re ready to have an amazing time selling your products and sharing about your business opportunity. That’s fantastic! But before you head out, there’s something important that Deb Bixler would like to discuss with you – qualified leads. Because while it’s great to make a few sales and chat with attendees, the most income producing piece of the vendor event puzzle is gathering information so you can follow-up and turn that one event into months of successful home parties, Facebook parties, and new recruits! Here’s how to make that happen:




Set up your space for success and they will come to you!

When it comes to vendor event displays, less is more. Instead of having every single product physically visible, cluttering up your table, opt instead to showcase your best sellers and place them strategically around your space to create focal points. Bring eye-catching banners or signs that will attract the attention of passers-by and have them intrigued to see what you have to offer. When they walk over, you want to be standing in front of your display so you can greet them with your killer smile! Sitting behind the table is a turn-off as you’ll seem unapproachable and detached. Here’s an example of a simple sign you can create to show that you’re easy to find online:


Ask questions to increase interest.

When chatting with someone, keep things light and ask them questions: What did you see here that interests you? Would you like to know more about this product? Who are you shopping for? This will turn the focus on them so they feel more comfortable and because you aren’t being pushy by trying to get them to purchase something on the spot, they’ll gladly fill out your door prize slip and that is where the magic happens!

Have a solid lead system in place.

Former Chamber of Commerce Vendor Event Educator and current party plan trainer and coach, Deb Bixler says, “A system to code your leads at the vendor event will help you in the follow-up process after the event. After the guest walks away take the prize drawing slip and make some notes about what you talked about. Jot down anything that will help you to reconnect.

As soon as the guest (the leads are our guests at the event) walks away from the booth, make your notes and code or rate each lead.

Here is your code:

G=green: definitely call, this is a hot lead.

Y=yellow: not a great lead, but call after you call all the greens.

R=red: don’t waste your time unless really desperate!

Usually you would throw red leads away unless they gave you an email, in which case you will add them to your database newsletter list. After the event when you are looking at the slips, you will be able to quickly separate them into priority calls.

Be sure to take notes! Notes are essential for your follow up calls and beware of taking too much time making those notes, because your best lead may be walking by!!

It is essential to do any vendor event follow up calls within 48 hours of the event.

If you are not going to do that then don’t waste your time going. Remember that our goal is to talk to the people there and find qualified leads.”

Our goal here at CinchShare is to help our customers achieve and maintain successful long-term businesses both online and offline by providing the information and tools you need to simplify your life, save time and get great results. Here is a free printable you can use at your vendor events: My Event Leads Printable

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