Why you need a Facebook Business Page for your Direct Sales Business

You need a Business Page because you’re working your direct sales business on Facebook! Business Pages are free and connected to your personal profile, the same as any new Groups you create.

👉 It’s professional and you can add it to your profile Bio section. This means people can discover your busienss and check you out by clicking your “job” which goes to your page and there you can share about your VIP Group! You can’t add your Group to your profile work bio. Click here for how to add to your bio!

👉 Avoid marketplace filter by posting party product posts from your business page. They may get flagged is posted from your personal profile. Click here for how to post as your Business Page to a Group.

👉 Allows you to collect great Reviews which is vital to differentiate your business from others in your company.

When to use your personal Facebook profile: Post personal posts like your welcome, your WHY, join your team, engagement questions as your personal profile. Additionally, you can engage in the comments as your personal profile.


Create a free Facebook Business Page in less than 1 minute

How to link your Business Page to Your Group

Go to your Group, click on Group Settings in left sidebar at the very bottom.

Then, scroll down to bottom and see “Manage Advanced Settings” and click the pencil for “Linked Pages”

Next, refresh your CinchShare Networks

– Networks icon in navigation bar: 

– Click refresh: 

– Click on Facebook icon and see Pages at the bottom. Click your Facebook Page which will be teal which means it’s hyperlinked.

– Scroll to the bottom to see “Linked Groups” and find your Group.

– Click the heart to Navy Blue.

Schedule a post as your Business Page

  • Do NOT click the Group in the “Facebook Groups” section.
  • DO click the Group nested under your Business Page in “Linked Groups”.


Things to know and perks to linking your Page to your Group:

  • People can find your Facebook group from your business page both in your tab column and directly in your page feed. This is awesome because as your audience scrolls your feed, you are more likely to funnel people to your group to build your community!


  • You have the ability to toggle between your personal profile and your page in your group which means that you can now post as your page, and comment as your page which is fantastic if you are a public figure and/or have your business page as your own name with yourself as your profile pic. It might not be so great if your business page has a different name, for example, Sassy Styles, because your group is where you want people to get to know, like and trust YOU – so they definitely need to know both you and your business.


  • When in your Facebook group, members will be able to connect to your business page by clicking on the link on your cover photo. This is great to get new likes and followers from those that discovered your group through another route such as your Facebook party, Instagram, Pinterest etc.




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