When Conni Brown was introduced to CinchShare’s CEO Jennifer Johnson, she was described as the company’s biggest fan. After getting to know her, it’s easy to understand why.

Conni is the mom of eight children, including 7-year-old boy triplets. (Can we give her a medal right now for that?) She also moved to the small town of Darby, Montana, three years ago, then launched her Perfectly Posh business. Some perspective on that: Darby has 700 residents. Conni reached Premier level with Posh and grew her team to 160 — more than 60 of those her personal recruits — in just two years.

Much of that time also was spent with lackluster internet connection speeds. Just recently Conni said Darby homes were able to get fast service.

“I did a lot of scrambling before CinchShare. I was so crazy busy,” Conni said. I was trying to work a fulltime job and work my direct sales business. It was a lot of scrambling while I was partying, and constantly I would say to my husband, ‘I have to lock myself in the bedroom, I have a party.’ It was pretty disruptive to my family.

“Now, I can run six parties at a time and all I have to do is engage with the people online.”

Being able to schedule content to Facebook parties and event plus her business page, business group, VIP page, personal page, Instagram and Twitter frees up time for Conni to do what she loves: Spend time outdoors with her family. That’s what you do in Montana. Not all her children still live with her, but the Browns enjoy their camping and fresh-air outings. The family is husband, Alan; the triplets Bill, Bob and Ben; Jack, 16; Joe, 17; Tom, 19; Mariel, 25 and A.J., 28.

Conni also spends plenty of time at her triplets’ sports activities.

“I schedule everything in CinchShare at night before I go to bed, when everyone else is sleeping,” she said. “I usually wake up to a million notifications.”

An example of how scheduling posts in advance has helped facilitate Conni’s success with direct sales while she enjoys everyday life was the family camping trip in August 2016. The escape to the mountains meant no signal, and it coincided with a Posh catalogue launch.

“We were in mountains away from everything. I was super excited that everything was scheduled and just posted.”

Compare that to a specific memory that sticks in Conni’s memory when she was physically one place, but her focus was elsewhere: “I was in the middle of the playground and I needed to post, and it dawned on me how much time I was actually wasting in my whole life just doing that.”

Connie recently hosted a training for her team on CinchShare. “A lot of them are using it, some are in school during the day, some have kids and don’t have the time to worry about posting.”

But this leader sure sets an example of how to manage the time we do have and how much can be accomplished with the right tools. She’s also planning to go back to school and earn her law degree.

“[CinchShare] has changed the way I do business,” Conni testifies. “It’s changed my business growth, the amount of stuff I’m able to keep up with and my bandwidth. I can’t imagine keeping up without.”

NOTE: Sharing Success is an ongoing series of stories where we highlight the people utilizing CinchShare who are growing their businesses while enjoying more of life.

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