Why You Want to Use Pinterest for Business

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Pinterest keeps growing! With a 40% increase in users from last year, the visual search engine now has 200 million monthly users who are looking for new ideas and 70% of those are women according to Pinterest business statistics. Because Pinterest helps them decide…

Published: Sep 10, 2022

Pinterest keeps growing! With a 40% increase in users from last year, the visual search engine now has 200 million monthly users who are looking for new ideas and 70% of those are women according to Pinterest business statistics. Because Pinterest helps them decide where to shop and what to buy, pinners start searching for holiday gifts and ideas twice as early as those on other platforms. These three reasons are exactly why you should have a business Pinterest account and begin pinning to it today!

It’s super easy to create or convert to a business account from your existing account that you’ve been pinning to for personal use and the good news is that you don’t have to change much at all with your boards as your target audience will most likely love all the things you’ve pinned already! You may want to switch a couple boards to Secret so that they are for your eyes only, but overall, your DIY, shopping, home decor, recipes and for the kids boards are exactly what women (and men) are interested in as well!

Integrating your business into Pinterest is a cinch! You simply include your own product pins in your existing boards and also create a few new boards that cater to your target audience and pin your business content into them as well. Make sure the boards relate to your pins – for example, a Thirty-One pillow pin would be perfect in your Home Decor board; a Norwex enviro cloth would fit right in pinned to Non-Toxic Cleaning board; and a pic of you sporting your LuLaRoe leggings would stand out in a Fall Fashion board! Keep those new boards set to secret until you have at least ten pins as people won’t follow boards that only have a few pins in them. And be sure to not repin other consultants’ pins as you do not want to lead your audience to their website or social profiles – you want that sale for yourself! Feel free to check out CinchShare’s Pinterest account so you can see how we’ve merged my own personal account into CinchShare’s business account, and you’re welcome to follow us and join our group boards as well!

We love pinning our content through CinchShare; it’s become the CinchTeam’s bedtime routine. Pinterest users are most active around 11pm when all the kids are in bed, dishes are done (maybe, lol) and it’s time to relax a bit, so we get on our smart phones and pin our posts from CinchShare right into our Pinterest boards. They get repinned right away! You can have your audience on Pinterest taken to your Facebook business page, VIP group, website or blog. What’s amazing about pinning via CinchShare is that you have the option of changing the URL of where you would like to send all those new Pinterest peeps. See how easy it is to do HERE, and definitely let us know how much fun you’re having once you get a bunch pinned!

Pinterest is not only a great place to get ideas for gifts/recipes/diy, etc. but it’s also a fantastic way to search for and learn tips on how to grow your business! There are tons of pins from small business and direct sales coaches that lead you to their blogs, workshops, courses and trainings. You can get amazing ideas for vendor eventstheme partiesFacebook marketingInstagram and basically anything you’re looking to learn more about!

Be sure to take a look at our blog post about Pinterest Business Do’s and Don’ts from the Pros that will really help you rock your business strategy. Be sure to let us know how it’s going in the comments below!

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