Think about all the benefits that being organized can offer you, both personally and professionally. Being organized can help reduce stress, give you more time to do the things you love like spend time with your family, improve your health and improve your business productivity. Doesn’t that sound divine? Of course! So how do you become the queen of content organization? Follow these simple steps down the red carpet to your throne, milady! You’re on your way!

We can easily lose things when we don’t have a place for everything. Have you ever wasted time looking for something? That perfect page post? VIP group post? Or a particular Facebook party post? The list of things you could be looking for is endless. If all of your social content has a “home,” you will always know where to find things which means you save yourself the time and the headache of frantically searching for whatever is missing.

When you’re content is organized, there’s no longer a need to create duplicate posts because you can’t find the one that you already have. You’ll spend less time preparing future posts and therefore increase your productivity! You know what that means, more money. And more money = more of what you want!

When you’re social content is organized, there’s no longer a need to spend time trying to find what you’re looking for. There’s no longer a need to spend time reinventing the wheel and creating new content when you can reuse content you’ve previously created.

There’s no denying the fact that trying to run a business in a constant state of disorganization causes stress. There’s the stress of overwhelm, as you wade through work to be done. There’s the frustration associated with constantly having to hunt for something to post. And let’s not forget the stress of having to consistently show up online on multiple different channels.

1. Organize your social content
How do you organize your online content? With Folders! Once you organize your social content in folders, gone will be the days of maxing out your space on your phone’s camera roll and saving images to your computer only to never find them again in that seemingly infinite black hole. With CinchShare you have the ability to save and organize content into folders and subfolders that can be easily accessed from wherever you are on desktop and mobile, so you can be organized everywhere you go!
Did you know that you can categorize your posts as you schedule or save them in CinchShare? What categories would you use for organizing your posts?

2. Create a content calendar – plan out social media content ahead of time
A content calendar is basically the most important tool in your social media strategy toolkit. It is your “plan of attack” which helps you organize, create a strategy and schedule your content to all your social media marketing platforms. It looks like a regular calendar, but it helps you stay ahead of big days for your business. Here’s a free printable for you to use!

3. Schedule your content
Planning ahead helps you to be more consistent in your posting AND helps you keep from missing big things in your calendar you could/should be posting about!

Benefits of scheduling your content:
– save time
– be consistent
– build customer base
– grow your team
– increase sales

Getting your social content organized will help you save time, reduce stress and make you more consistent in your business! It will also help you grow your personal sales, team sales and grow your overall team size! How amazing does that sound?

4. Organize content with a custom album
Categorizing your products makes it easy for party guests and group members to take a look at everything you have to offer.

Custom albums are the perfect solution! Simply create an album on your Facebook business page and schedule the album to your Facebook party, VIP group or team group. Your guests and group members will appreciate the simplified break down of your products and information into “categories” for them to easily view.

5. Keep a receipt
Knowing what you’ve done will help you know where you are headed. Your CinchShare history stores all posted content…like a receipt for what you’ve already posted, to which platforms and when.

Having all of your social post history in a single place makes it super easy to reuse content that your new audience may have not seen yet! And with the ease of CinchShare’s Calendar View you’ll be able to see exactly where you need to schedule your content to be consistent!

And there you have it! 5 simple steps to become a queen of content organization so that you can have an incredibly successful business. Join us in the CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook group to learn more about content organization and social media marketing!

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