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If you ask us here at CinchShare, there’s no better way to end the summer season than with the release of scheduling to Instagram*! We know you’re super excited too but before you jump in, we want to explain how scheduling to Instagram differs from other platforms, along with our awesome Instagram features and how to use them!

* CinchShare does not automatically post your content to Instagram.

Playing it Safe with Your Posts

As with all of our platform partners, CinchShare abides by Instagram’s policies 100% to ensure the safety of our app and our customers. Since Instagram doesn’t allow automatic scheduling, you will simply need to download our new FREE CinchShare App from your Apple Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). Yes, you read that right! CinchShare now has a mobile app! Woohoo! Simply search for “CinchShare” in your app store, download and you are ready to get started!

First You Schedule, Then You Publish

You will need to have an active CinchShare account AND the free app downloaded to your mobile device in order to schedule to Instagram. It’s up to you if you prefer to create your Instagram posts from your computer or your phone/tablet in the app, however the actual posting can only be done on Instagram from your mobile device as you’ll receive a Push Notification from the CinchShare App when it’s time for your scheduled content to post. The app will direct you natively to Instagram where you will be able to size and edit your image with Instagram’s filters and paste your pre-scheduled post message from the clipboard into the caption space. It takes all of two seconds and it’s super easy!

Instagram is a very visual platform, so knowing what your feed will look like as a whole is an important piece of the puzzle. Whether you’re taking your own photographs, creating your own graphics, using stock photography, or curating from other Instagramers’ content, you can use CinchShare to make it all look cohesive and on-brand.

CinchShare’s (Pretty Nifty!) Instagram Features
and How to Use Them

Connect up to 5 Instagram accounts – Do you manage more than one Instagram account for different businesses or have a private personal account for your family and friends? No problem! Go to your My Networks page and you’ll see a tab with an Instagram icon where you can connect up to five accounts! Then you can easily schedule to the account you want right inside CinchShare, just like you select your other networks, and then publish your post to Instagram after you receive your Post Notification on your mobile device. And if you manage more than one Instagram account we even remind you which one you should log into which is super helpful!

Schedule unlimited posts – As with all our features, we have no limitations, so you can schedule as many posts to Instagram as you’d like! When you plan ahead and schedule your content, you can spend more time focusing on your captions and gathering those images you want to use rather than scrambling to post. Simply by setting aside an hour each week to plan your posts, you’ll be able to maintain your consistency and quality on Instagram and that’s super important when it comes to both visibility and engagement!

Arrange pending posts in a multi-tile Grid – Want to see what your grid will look like once your posts are published in Instagram? You can! First, you batch the posts you’d like to use and set the interval, then click on the grid icon over on the right above the post queue and you’ll be able to view them in the order you batched! This is a fantastic tool to help you visually if you’re following a grid theme or simply want to look professional.

Drag and drop scheduling – Not really sure if you like the way the grid looks? When you have your grid view selected, you can drag and drop your post images to change the order so they are exactly how you want them to appear on Instagram! You even have the option to flip the sequence!

Save unlimited Hashtag bundles with TextClips  Store ALL your pre-made hashtag bundles using our TextClips feature. It’s seriously a HUGE time saver! You can have as many hashtag bundles as you’d like – one for motivational type posts, another for mompreneur life, you get the idea! Be sure to include the hashtag #cinchedthis on all of your Instagram posts scheduled through CinchShare so we can check them out and cheer you on!

With the addition of Instagram scheduling and an app for your mobile devices, CinchShare is the only software you’ll need to manage all of your social media for your small business! Invest time up front to plan out your posts, set your schedule, and reap the benefits of being organized and prepared. It will look and feel like you’ve hired a social media manager. We’re here to help you take back your time, reduce stress and grow your business and we can’t wait to hear how much fun you’re having scheduling posts to Instagram with us! Click HERE to Follow CinchShare on Instagram!

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