Twitter is a great platform for direct sellers, small business owners and bloggers to branch out and reach an entirely new audience in a fun and fast-paced atmosphere. Unlike Facebook, which you should only post on a few times a day, the Twitter feed moves so quickly that you can tweet 10 to 30 times a day and have different people see your content all day and night! Here are a few basic Twitter tips to help you get started along with short video tutorials on how to schedule to Twitter through CinchShare:



Keep those Tweets under 140 characters:

Twitter has a limit on each tweet for a reason. They are meant to be short, to-the-point updates or quick snippets of information for your followers. By using a link or image in your tweet, you can offer more details but when it comes to Twitter, less is more as you want to be specific and direct. Schedule a Tweet with CinchShare in seconds and see how easy it is to get your business out there!

Include an image as often as possible:

When scrolling the Twitter feed, people are more likely to retweet a post that has an eye-catching image. If you don’t have one handy to go along with your status tweet, you can design one yourself with CinchShare’s Design with Canva button. Just use the Twitter design style, publish and schedule to receive retweets that will get the engagement started. Remember when someone retweets your content, you will want to “heart” their retweet and tag them in your reply with their Twitter handle (i.e. @cinchshare)

Use your hashtags strategically:

On Twitter, you have the ability to grab the attention of your target audience by using the right hashtags. You can check which ones are most relevant to your business with sites like hashtagify.me, read our Hashtag Guide or use the ones that have worked really well for you on Instagram. Keep in mind that when you’re tweeting, you want to limit your hashtags to a maximum of four, but two or three is best practice. CinchShare’s Save feature allows you to store your tweets and hashtags for future use and it’s a great way to see which combination of hashtags might work best for your business.

Retweet to encourage engagement:

Build relationships on Twitter and you’re bound to acquire those sales and loyal customers. If you see a tweet in your feed or on the wall of someone you follow, go ahead and retweet to give them some props for having great content! Your followers will appreciate the retweets as well! It’s super easy to schedule a retweet in CinchShare so you can batch your tweets for the week with some of your evergreen content, then use the shuffle feature in CinchShare to mix in those imported retweets and once a day you can manually tweet and retweet while you’re checking in to engage with all your new friends and potential customers!

Be sure to check out our complete Twitter Playlist on YouTube so you can see how simple and fast it is to schedule to Twitter with CinchShare!


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