how to setup facebook party in cinchshare

We are so excited that you chose CinchShare to help you throw Facebook Parties the easiest and fastest way! We have created this guide to help you get started in no time at all so you can have the same party success as Rachel. More engagement = More Sales🎉

Step 1: Setup your Facebook Party Group Correctly

First thing you need to do is setup your parties for success by hosting them in their own Facebook Groups.

Facebook favors Groups over events when it comes to showing people notifications which is HUGE. And there are 11 more reasons you need to know!

Step 2: Connect your Facebook Party Group to CinchShare

Now it’s time to connect CinchShare to your Party Group.

The process is super quick and only 3 steps:

1 – Create your party Group from your personal profile
2 – Go to Group Settings and “Apps” section, click Add App and search for CinchShare
3 – Still in Group Settings, link your Business Page while you’re there! You will need this step in order to schedule posts from your Business Page to the Group to avoid the FB Marketplace filter. See more here.


Step 3: Select the Party Group in your CinchShare Networks Page

When you have the CinchShare App added to your Party Group and have your Personal Profile as an admin, it’s time to go to CinchShare!
– Click Refresh
– Click Show All


– Find Groups where your personal profile is an Admin under the “Facebook Groups” section
– Click heart to Dark Blue so you can schedule to it

FAVORITE GROUPS TO POST INTO FROM YOUR BUSINESS PAGE (which you will need for Party Posts into Groups to avoid the Marketplace filter – learn more)
– Go to Facebook Pages section
– Click the page name (or click arrow) to expand to see “Linked Groups” that have your Business Page is an Admin
– Click the heart Navy Blue so you can schedule to it

PRO TIP: When the party is done, just turn the heart back to Teal so it doesn’t clutter up your scheduling dashboard and hide it by clicking the eyeball!


How to setup CinchShare Networks

Step 4: Importing Photos into CinchShare

Step 5: How to create party posts from scratch in CinchShare

If you already have your party posts on Facebook, you can quickly import them into CinchShare with our easy Facebook Import feature! Our “Facebook Import” feature makes pulling a post from Facebook a breeze! You can bring in the photo AND the post message in one simple step!

Click the tabs below for a graphics showing you how to do each step.

Step 6: How to save posts so you can schedule later for your Party

Now, you will save your post – not schedule it. You can create a folder to put these new party posts into which will be your “party script”.

  • Click the Folder dropdown that defaults to “Saved”.
  • You can click +New Folder which is highlighted in teal to quickly make a new folder for these posts.

If you did not create a folder or select one – the posts are saved in your “Saved” folder which is super easy to get to! You can always move the posts around later, so don’t worry about creating a folder if you don’t want to.

Click the tabs below for a graphics showing you how to do each step.

Step 7: Create your personalized Facebook Party Script

Not sure where to start with a party script? We got you!

FREEBIE 🎉 Don’t have a Facebook party script yet? Use our free PDF printable to help you get started!

Get our Free Facebook Party Planner Printable: https://downloads.cinchshare.com/free-party-script-checklist

Step 8: Schedule your Party in minutes with Batch Post by CinchShare

The last step is the easiest, it’s time to BATCH POST baby! This is truly the magic-sauce⚡️.

You can learn how in less time it will take for our next post in this training party! Skip to 1:17 to go directly to HOW to Batch Post.

Be sure to schedule Facebook Party posts that contain product/sales information from your Business Page. Don’t have a Business Page? Get yours setup in minutes with our guide here.

The fun REALLY begins when you can re-use that party you just created in MINUTES!

Alright! You Scheduled your first party and NOW is when the fun REALLY begins! Taking the time to setup your first party means you can now re-use it in LESS than 60 seconds.

– Go to Pending or History Folder
– Find the Party by clicking in Search bar, click on Group
– Select All Posts in that Party
– And then Batch Post again (works on your phone App too!)

Ready for the best news?

Re-use the party and swap out the host name in seconds! Let’s go!

CinchShare keeps your post timing interval stored for you when you Batch Post from History or Pending, so you set it once and that’s it.


Swap out the host name, shopping links and more in seconds with Find & Replace by CinchShare!

Now see the process in action by super CinchBoss Cassie Dodds!

Cassie Dodds runs a Million Dollar District with Lorraine Lea and is smashing records! She has hosted over 70 virtual parties in ONE MONTH with CinchShare and created a step-by-step getting started with parties video for you!

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