Brenda Ster may have 100,000+ people in her inner circle, but her influence reaches so many more. The social media leader who lives to #empowersocial by teaching the good practices of attraction marketing is affecting positive change far and wide into the worlds of direct sales, small business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Brenda is one of CinchShare’s top earners as a brand ambassador in terms of the number of people with whom she shares the opportunity to use the scheduling software to make life easier. Her formal business name is Sassy Suite LLC, which includes video trainings, live group and private coaching, premium group coaching, public and keynote speaking, and swag. She’s expanded to include a podcast and an online directory. But wait, there’s more! She soon will be rolling out a text service and social media audit services.

So, just how does one woman juggle all of that? With a team of 10, five of whom use CinchShare.

“A few years ago, all the talk was about work/life balance,” Brenda said. “I think now the focus should be on work/life integration. We are always connected — there is always a phone in our hand. So tools that make integration easier, more seamless, are what will help small business leaders succeed. Being able to work on the go and keep all the plates spinning is what we need. I’m thrilled to be a CinchShare ambassador and share that message.”

And a lot of people listen to Brenda’s messages. Her main Facebook group (which you can get to at thesocialitesuite.com) recently surpassed its 100,000 member — in less than two and a half years! That’s an army of direct sellers and small business owners building relationships to build their businesses.

“In May 2015, I started The Socialite Suite on Facebook, really as a social experiment to see if we could do direct sales better,” Brenda said. “Most direct sales groups were all about posting your links, but no real value or engagement that would build a foundational relationship.”

Her group has basic rules:

  • No self promotion
  • No links
  • Give value before asking for value  

“The whole premise we teach is based on creating a social strategy based on relationships and entertainment first, and promotion second. On our first anniversary, we hit 15,000 people in the group. Then the snowball started rolling… and on our second group anniversary, we hit 85,000.”

She blew by 100,000 only half way through the third year.

In addition to the Facebook group, the newer sassydirect.com is an online business directory with 10,000 member profiles — highly optimized by Google — with over 300,000 site hits per month.

As a brand ambassador, Brenda is confident inviting others to use CinchShare — the same organic word-of-mouth advertising that grew her vision into a thriving business. Plus the extra money sweetens the deal.

“I’m a big fan of affiliate and partner residual income, and CinchShare is one of my biggest partners,” said Brenda, who first connected with CinchShare about two years ago. Every person who uses her affiliate link to sign up for a free trial of CinchShare then stays on puts money in Brenda’s account.

Why else does she love CinchShare?

She and her team use CinchShare to post to her legion of Facebook followers. And she loves it for the multitude of features that allow her to manage her other social channels: “Ease and simplicity of use… CinchShare has done a phenomenal job [with] features that benefit their users, such as the integrations with Twitter and Instagram, being able to pin to Pinterest, the native Design with Canva features, and the ability to share your posts and party outline with others.”

Brenda has achieved the ultimate success, but her success means so many others are finding it, too. Her group offers value in the form of training, coaching, support and community. With a monthly social reach of about 500,000 across all social channels and businesses — grown from zero in under two-and-a-half years — Brenda said she believes this is proof “that there is a demand and thirst for better ways to sell online, through authentic voice and content.”

All achieved with the help of some Cinching. 

When asked what she likes to do while her posts are automatically going out to her followers, what it frees her up to do: “Work is my hobby… So when I’m scheduling content, it’s creating capacity to do more work!”

And then there’s family time. You’ll see them make appearances on her social media accounts, too. Brenda and Tom have been married 11 years, and look for plenty of cuddles and smiles from Leigha, 9, and Jack, 6.  


NOTE: This is the first in an ongoing series of stories where we highlight the people using CinchShare who are growing their businesses while enjoying more of life.

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