Christina Rupracht had never heard of direct sales when things were at their toughest for her family. When the real estate market tanked in 2007, her husband Hal, a mortgage broker, stopped getting paid. Then with five sons — they now have six boys ranging in age from 6 to 18 — the couple was forced to short sell their home for about $100,000 less than was owed and move in with Christina’s in-laws, relocating to the small town of Central Square in upstate New York.

The Ruprachts lived on the second floor, sharing a house that was not theirs for years. When Hal could find work, the hours were miserable and he hated it. Christina was home caring for their boys.

Then, someone invited Christina to a Thirty One Gifts party and her world turned so right. She tells the tale of how everything lined up and she seized opportunity. In just two years, she advanced through the career path to the top. She promoted to senior executive director, built a team of 600, paid off her in-laws’ house and saved enough for her family to purchase their own home.

And the ultimate: she’s had a positive influence on the men in her life beyond measure.

Hal now only has to work 16 hours a week, to secure insurance for the family. Christina makes time to volunteer at her boys’ schools and be present at all-day wrestling meets — because she works when she wants to. Modeling mom, 11-year-old Wyatt recently organized and hosted a Thirty One party because he wanted to earn some money. The kid pocketed some nice dough. How rewarding is that?

Christina’s success began with an invitation. The tide turned in January 2010 when her friend posted on facebook that she had joined Thirty One.

“I asked her, ‘What is Thirty One?’ She didn’t answer me,” Christina said. “In March, she sent a party link through email. I told my husband, I don’t know what this is but I have to buy something because she’s my best friend.”

The products seemed practical. The thermal Christina used to sneak snacks into wrestling tournaments ripped. She found a nice replacement in the catalogue and a blanket. The total was $78 — within the $100 budget she and Hal agreed upon. Then she turned to the back page of the catalogue and saw the starter kit. It had both those products — and much more — for only $99.

She told Hal she’d purchased the kit and promised she’d make a profit. Her goal was to host 12 parties in the first 90 days, enough to earn the consultant website for free for a year through a program offered to new representatives at the time.

“I was just using [the products]…People were asking what it was and I started doing parties,” Christina said. “I started recruiting by accident. They had a special that made me comfortable talking about the opportunity and it blew up in my face.”

It only took two years to advance through the Thirty One career path. And she’d only been in the town of 8,000 with three stop lights for about two years when she started. She met people doing vendor events and parties.

The couple decided it would be ok for Christina to drive an hour and a half to two hours to a party on weekdays. She also didn’t hesitate to go the distance, driving five hours to a party in Pennsylvania one weekend. She travels with the intent of recruiting her hostess or the guests.

When Hal lost his job again in 2010, Christina had just promoted into leadership. She also found out she was pregnant with the couple’s sixth son.

“I told him, ‘Don’t take these miserable jobs. I think I am good at this.’

“It’s an incredible feeling to learn your value,” Christina said. “I was one of those women who never went to a party because I couldn’t afford to buy anything and I felt bad about it.”

“I didn’t think you could make direct sales work, I didn’t think those girls in the catalogue were real, but they are and I’ve been one! I can’t imagine trying to do something else.”

Christina keeps the business going with vendor events, parties and online relationships. She uses the social sharing program CinchShare to plan posts to about 10 accounts — three business pages and seven groups — plus her personal timeline and multiple parties. In fact, she has 14 online parties active right now, taking advantage of the Thirty One customer and outlet celebration event.

“It’s a lot of hats, but you can do it,” she said.

NOTE: Sharing Success is an ongoing series of stories where we highlight the people using CinchShare who are growing their businesses while enjoying more of life.

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