You know how tough it can be to keep your own stuff together — juggling work, home and family. Now imagine having to also tend to the businesses of 54 other people! That’s no problem for Jackie Abrams who does just that as a virtual assistant.

Jackie loves working for herself. She’s been running her Thirty One business since 2009 and launched her JAVA Services virtual assistant company three years ago. All of that is made possible through good organization, which includes using CinchShare.

It seems appropriate that Jackie’s business, which depends on order, was born out of chaos. Her three grown daughters have seven children under the age of 6, and they all live nearby in Ohio.

“I wanted to help [my daughters] out a little bit and I wanted to work for myself,” Jackie said. She started assisting Thirty One Senior Executive Director Melissa Fietsam, helping set up systems to handle funneling clients and training team members for both Thirty One and Melissa’s company Directly Social: Social Media and Marketing Tips for Direct Sales Consultants.

The virtual assistant responsibilities vary. Examples include creating newsletters for some clients; taking care of celebrating, encouraging and rewarding (CER) social media posts for others; and sending out postcards for the birthdays and anniversaries of clients of her clients.

Jackie said the only way she is able to keep her Thirty One business going while maintaining the level of work she has for more than 50 clients — all in direct sales — is by using CinchShare. She’s able to schedule posts to her two business pages, one group, her personal timeline and keep parties running.

“I couldn’t do my business without it,” she said. “Because the way I manage my time, there’s no way…”

Looking to streamline some processes in the new year, she said she will be working with clients to handle more of their CinchShare tasks. To date, Jackie said most of her clients have been holding on to the scheduling of social media, especially parties. Although a late request the week before Christmas to put together a Facebook party was no match for this master organizer.

“It was crazy with work and my personal life… I could have turned down the Facebook party, but luckily I popped on the computer, scheduled it [to run] for three days and I was done,” Jackie said. “I didn’t have to worry about it. I went right on with my daily business. Thank goodness it was that easy. I didn’t have to stress about being at my computer.”

Being able to plan, organize and know how long her tasks will take allows Jackie time to spend with her seven young grandchildren — six girls and one boy. She calls it “total chaos” when they are all together at her house, but she loves it.

Jackie is not shy about calling herself attentive to detail and organized. So, what are the secrets to managing tasks for over 50 people?

“Definitely CinchShare, and be organized, that’s the main thing,” Jackie said. “Having lists, knowing what you need to do for the day, I always have my calendar and all my notes. Everything I need to do gets written down.”

NOTE: Sharing Success is an ongoing series of stories where we highlight CinchShare users — the people utilizing CinchShare to grow their businesses while enjoying more of life.

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