Shannon Ferraby has witnessed so much growth. As a mom, she’s raising five kids. As a stylist with Lilla Rose, she’s seen the direct sales company — and her team — flourish from the ground up. And personally, she knows that sharing her story and her heart inspires others and leads them to grow, too, whether it’s on her sales team or at an orphanage in Honduras.

Shannon is a household name in the Lilla Rose community. She joined the company seven and a half years ago, around the 107th person to do so. Now, she is the company’s only executive director and has a team of more than 7,600 — which is 84% of all the stylists. The corporate office also recently designated her as a sales and marketing stylist liaison.

She credits her growth and that of her team to everyone involved, and she approached it all as a servant leader.

“I saw my role as doing whatever I could to help these ladies, we were all new,” she said, referencing the beginning of her direct sales journey. “I worked for them. I’m on ‘their’ team. I started attending trainings and reading books and blogs and absorbing anything that I could. I would learn how to do hostess coaching, do it, and share it. Learn how to do a party, do it and share it.

“The growth we’ve experienced is amazing! But I don’t take the credit. It comes from everyone.”

Shannon pays forward her success from Lilla Rose, using her income to support ministry trips to the island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras and to Nicaragua. It only took half a day while visiting Roatan during a cruise in 2013 for her to feel compelled to reach out to the local orphanage in the impoverished community. She and her husband, Marc, have returned once or twice each year since and they sponsor eight children.

“It’s been a really huge blessing to be able to take the income from Lilla Rose and use it for something so strongly on our  hearts; to help the people there,” Shannon said. “Lilla Rose enables us to do that — feed them, provide backpacks, minister to them.”

“Lilla Rose has become a family adventure,” Shannon said. “The children have all been to craft shows with me, they all help with different aspects of the business and all reap the benefits, too. They know that by working together… it’s Lilla Rose that enables us to enjoy the hobbies, pay for private schools and college and give to others the way we do.”

Discovering CinchShare a year ago has helped Shannon stay organized, travel to lead the company’s regional trainings and be able to step away into her adventures.

“When I go on vacation or have projects coming up and I know I’m going to be busy, being able to schedule in advance has been a lifesaver,” she said about managing posts to seven groups and pages on Facebook plus her personal timeline. “I love the brain space that it frees up, I call it brain dumping. When you’ve got that schedule and the plan of what to post, you can utilize that brain space for other things.”

She also recognizes the community that CinchShare has attracted, something that stands out during the regular free training sessions and Facebook groups that CinchShare hosts.

“I love the training and the resources and relationships that CinchShare offers the direct sales community. They are the forerunners for providing training for everyone across the board,” Shannon said. “And it’s free, that’s unheard of.”

“You get this double blessing of utilizing their service if you want to because it’s fabulous, but it’s also an amazing community feel. Everyone who goes to one of their trainings knows there is going to be other direct sales people there, but you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to recruit you. Everyone supports, encourages and talks differently to each other then I’ve witnessed in other groups for direct sellers.”

CinchShare is just one tool Shannon shares with those around her. The years of helping others grow has blossomed in a new dimension of leadership. In 2017, she earned her certification as a Go-Giver speaker, trainer and coach and is excited about how she can help and inspire others through her love of speaking and training.

“As I went through the course, it opened my eyes to see that there’s a great big world out there and if I’ve helped ladies within Lilla Rose, then maybe there are opportunities to help others, too.”

“A huge part of Lilla Rose for me has been my journey in overcoming a deep, hurtful time in my life, and being able to believe in my own value again.”  Shannon said. “I’m so passionate about Lilla Rose and the work I do, mostly because I have the opportunity to encourage other women that they can do it! They are not failures!”

Sounds like her influence is only going to grow.


Visit shannonferraby.com to learn more about Shannon Ferraby, her Go-Giver speaking and Lilla Rose.

Join Shannon’s “Believing in Your Value” Facebook group.

NOTE: Sharing Success is an ongoing series of stories where we highlight CinchShare users — the people utilizing CinchShare to grow their businesses while enjoying more of life.

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