Tina Ciesla tends to her 7-acre homestead in Alabaster, Alabama, but she spreads her heart all around the world. In fact, the married mom of two daughters and Diamond level Young Living distributor is doing double-good duty: First, she refers others to use the social media scheduling program CinchShare, introducing them to a tool to make their lives easier. Then, she turns around and gives back the extra cash she earns for doing so.

Tina knows a lot of women in direct sales are like her — balancing multiple responsibilities while trying to keep family first.

“I naturally share all the things that make life easier in my type of business,” she said. “Our market is a lot of women who have multiple responsibilities as moms, wives, daughters, and some even work another job. CinchShare just makes sense so we can get the info to our audience but not miss those times we are not able to be online.”

Tina donates the money she earns as a CinchShare Brand Ambassador (CBAs receive a one-time $10 deposit per referral who becomes a paying user) to the Young Living Foundation, a non-profit organization that partners with many other charities. With 100 percent of administration costs being supported by Young Living, 100 percent of the donations go to the causes.

“We trust the YLF to distribute funds based on needs,” Tina said. Some of the current projects the foundation supports:

  • Sixty-six homes and a school have been built recently in earthquake-stricken areas of Yarsa, Nepal.
  • A private school is teaching children in kindergarten through 12th grade, overcoming poverty in Chongong, Ecuador, an area that grows many of the natural botanicals needed in Young Living products.
  • Hope for Justice helps free women and children from human trafficking and modern-day slavery.
  • Sole Hope provides shoes and healthcare for people suffering from infestations of parasites.
  • Healing Faith provides treatment and prevention of Malaria in Uganda.
  • African Hearts provides treatment and counseling for those suffering in extreme poverty and struggling with drug use.
  • YLF has provided emergency care packages for those affected by recent hurricanes and flooding in Texas and Florida.
  • Support is currently being channeled into areas of Southern California ravaged by wildfires.

“The money I receive [as a CBA] can provide people with mosquito nets to avoid malaria, provide lunches for kids in school, or a survival kit for someone displaced in a storm,” she said.

Tina leads by this example and also many others, heading up a team of 6,000 Young Living distributors worldwide. That team generates over $300,000 in monthly volume. Young Living is a company that focuses on helping individuals achieve wellness, purpose, and abundance with lifestyle products made from pure ingredients.

The former nail technician and educator with 27 years in the industry suffered a health crisis caused by overexposure to toxic chemicals in 2012 that forced her to find ways to heal her body naturally. Enter Young Living.

The Cieslas still own a hair and nail salon, renting spaces to professionals, and they keep a toxin-free life at home. They maintain their 7-acre homestead with “hobby farming,” gardening and raising chickens for eggs and goats for fresh, raw milk.

Tina also enjoys crafting, something she’s ready to throw into her social media sharing mix so she can make new connections.

“I am building up some photos and post content to ‘Cinch’ into my social media outlets,” she said. “This will not only help me inspire others on crafting but it may help me to build a relationship with other like-minded crafters.”

Her social media channels include five Facebook groups, one business page, one personal page, Pinterest, and two Instagram accounts. She’s figured out how keep educational information current for her growing team and keep things fresh for her customers, while still being able to take vacations and only work her social media during traditional weekday work hours.

That means evenings and weekends free! “But there’s always fresh content there for those who are on social media during those times,” she said, referring to her ‘Cinched’ posts. And as any direct sales leader knows, being able to point team members toward training and basic company information is vital.

“I love being able to schedule campaigns for learning products and business concepts into the groups. Sometimes the campaigns are short-lived, as in a class. Sometimes, the campaigns become permanent parts of our groups for continued education. We still ‘tag’ new members in campaigns that were ‘Cinched’ into albums two years ago that cater to their early education. I love that those campaigns are still there and just as good today as they were the day I ‘Cinched’ them into the group.”

As for those CBA earnings: “I would share CinchShare with other business men and women even if I didn’t get a dime because it is an excellent tool that keeps my message and my business going and growing,” Tina said. “It keeps us working smarter, not harder.”

The Young Living Foundation is constantly seeking ways to give back and provide basic needs for people locally and around the globe.

Learn more about the organization: https://younglivingfoundation.org/  or visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YoungLivingFoundation/  

NOTE: Sharing Success is an ongoing series of stories where we highlight CinchShare users — the people utilizing CinchShare to grow their businesses while enjoying more of life.

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