YOUR QUESTION: How do I Stop My Hostess from Cancelling Her Party Booking?

Every single Party Plan Consultant in the WORLD asks this question….. I’d say within their 1st month in direct sales! Agree?

Let’s help you find the solution before it’s too late!

Here’s a quick checklist to help you stop your hostess cancelling her party:

  1. Have you built a BIG Wish List of all the products that she LOVES but simply can’t afford to buy? This will create the desire for her to WANT to have the party so that she can get all the free and discounted products as hostess bonuses.
  2. Have you chosen a party booking date that’s less than 21 days away? By booking in close, it’s less work for your hostess to invite guests as they will remember to be there if the date is not far away. AND… your hostess is more excited as the novelty is still fresh, plus you can more easily remember the names and faces of people who were at the last party and returning again so that you create a great impression!
  3. How well have you REALLY been doing the 5 Steps of Hostess Coaching to HELP YOUR HOSTESS know what to do & when to create a great party? I mean, R-E-E-A-A-A-L-L-L-Y… Hand on heart, no white lies! I’m sure your leader has talked to you about this until he/she has run out of breath, but honestly…. this is one of the GAPING HOLES in almost every party planners business. If you can MASTER Hostess Coaching…. it’s a pretty safe bet you will MASTER Party Plan & then NEVER EVER Run out of Bookings AGAIN! And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

OK, so now you might be crying out…… “But I don’t even know the 5 Steps of Hostess Coaching!!!!!”

WELL….. I’m so glad you asked! Because that’s EXACTLY what we are going to cover in our next FREE FACEBOOK EVENT…..

Join us tonight for our FREE training to learn more and I will see you there!

Melanie Parker, founder of Party Plan 123 & creator of ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’ (home study course)

…. OH! And can you please send me through your SUCCESS STORIES when you do this and it works for you too? It warms my heart and just makes me feel good when I know that what I’ve shared has helped another Party Plan Consultant to NEVER EVER Run out of Bookings AGAIN!

Cheers to endless bookings!!

~ Mel xx

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