This week’s guest blog was written by Shannon Ferraby, a published author, highest-ranking leader in Lilla Rose, Inc., certified Go-Giver speaker, trainer and coach. Shannon’s been passionately leading and training thousands of women through her inspiring Success Unwrapped coaching business and believes and teaches that the most valuable gift you can offer is yourself! Here is what she has to say about using social media to successfully market your vendor events:

“But I LOVE working craft shows!”
“I’m not so savvy on all that social media stuff!”
“This is working for me! I don’t need to add more work posting about stuff!”
“Social media might be your thing, but craft and vendor events? Those are my thing!”

The more we place ourselves in “camps” of how we sell and work our business, the more division, controversy and exclusivity we create. The most successful teams and companies in the Direct Sales industry are the ones where the strengths, preferences, skills and even differences of many, come together to help, encourage and grow as a group!

Having begun my personal journey in direct sales working at craft shows, I can certainly relate to those who jive and thrive in that environment! Here are a few of the benefits consultants love about in person events:

  • A steady flow of prospective customers, hostesses and team members outside of your own circle!
  • Returning customers who look forward to seeing you and bring friends to meet and buy from you!
  • Developing relationships with fellow vendors who are invaluable resources and often become customers, hostesses, team members and friends!
  • Ongoing opportunities to improve your skills relating with customers and people in general. It’s wonderful to appreciate the differences in people and learn how to best serve and help a multitude of personalities and styles!
  • Consistency! When you have a booked calendar of events you are less likely to slack off and let your business slide.
  • First Impressions and Follow up! Did you know that about 80% of all sales in our industry result from people buying after having been exposed to the product more than 5 times! And here’s a jaw dropper: only about 10% of consultants in our industry are willing to reach out and follow up with someone more than 3 times! That means that 10% of the consultants are enjoying 80% of the sales! With a steady flow of new people you meet at events, you have a fresh start to make a great impression and develop fabulous follow up again and again!

The truth is, whether you first meet someone at a craft show, home party or become acquainted on line, the first impression is the only one you will get. Ask yourself, “What do I want people to see and remember about me?” As an entrepreneur who owns and manages your own business in the sales industry, you are never truly “off duty.” Every interaction, could result in having just found your next amazing customer or rock star team member! You need to continually and consciously project your best self, in person and on social media.

And you are on social media, right? 😊 So, even if craft shows are your jam, let me share some ways you can blend craft shows and social media to help you unwrap even more success then you already are! Post about each event 3 times: before you go, while at the show, after the show. Does that sound intimidating? CinchShare to the rescue! You can schedule all of your before posts and even your after posts using CinchShare to ensure you never forget an opportunity to connect and grow combining social media with your events!

  • Advertise! – You want this show to be successful even more than the show organizer does! Use the power of social media to spread the word about this and future events you will be attending.
  • Familiarize! – Go LIVE and share on social media where you will be, and what you will be selling or offering.
  • Advise! – Use videos, lives or images to teach them something about your products. How can they benefit them? What’s in it for them?
  • Surprise! – Go LIVE at your event! Show them what else is there to enjoy. Maybe it’s a great place for a family day out and they will appreciate you sharing the fun idea!
  • Customize! – Get personal with why what you offer can meet their personal needs. Post a fun image of holiday gift wrap and let them know that at your show you’ll be offering gift wrapping for free!
  • Maximize! – Social media might be the first place they meet you and your products or the 5th. By finding creative and engaging ways to share on social media you are maximizing your exposure to current prospects and catching the attention of new ones!
  • French Fries! (just kidding..but it did rhyme and now I’m hungry 😊)
  • Give a prize! – Offer a special to your social media peeps who can’t make it to the event! Or offer a discount to those that come thanks to seeing your post and attending! They will love the attention and you will love the additional orders!
  • Symbolize! – every post, whether you realize it or not, is branding you! Not just your posts about craft shows and your products. Every post! So be conscious while on social media that you are a business owner. Ensure your posts symbolize the message you want shown. You are fun, you are caring, you are helpful, you are professional, you are a Mom, or wife, or friend, just like them. You are positive and a person they would be happy to do business with. At craft shows and otherwise!

“Loved meeting everyone this weekend at Johnny Appleseed!! Would love to hear how you are enjoying your Flexi!!!”


“Come join me at the IX Christmas Connection TODAY from 10-8pm! Get out of the cold and warm up with some fun Christmas shopping!”


“Our whole family is here at the Kent Heritage Festival! Come enjoy the the dancers and bands on stage, bounce houses for the kiddos, great food vendors (the giant snow cones are a must!) get your Flexi on and more! A fun event your whole family will enjoy today, downtown Kent from 10-8pm!”

All the best to you as you unwrap your success through vendor events and social media!

– Shannon

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