It basically happens every day. You go to learn more about a business on Instagram by clicking on their handle and are blown away by their amazing, mouth watering grid. How DO they do it? How can YOU do it? Easily! With CinchShare’s company social Starter Kits you too can have an arsenal of branded posts lined up to create a stellar grid!

Instagram is a visual platform, so knowing what your feed will look like as a whole is an important piece of the puzzle. Whether you’re taking your own photographs, creating your own graphics, using stock photography, or borrowing a post from other Instagrammer’s account, you want to make your feed looks cohesive and on-brand.

This is where our branded company social Starter Kits come in! Use these ready-made graphics to add some flair to your business account by creating a unique and eye-catching grid.

In your Starter Kit, you have access to over two dozen branded graphics that will allow you to not only be consistent and cohesive on Instagram, but also grab attention and create engagement. There are conversation starters, product info posts and party posts. But wait, there’s more! You also have the background template to design as many more graphics as you’d like to keep those branded posts coming!

It’s up to you how you’d like to design your grid, we just came up with the graphics! Here’s an example of a grid with our branded graphics for Color Street:

If you’re wondering how you can pull off an awesome grid like this one, we have a little secret to share. CinchShare’s Grid Preview feature with Drag and Drop allows you to create the exact look you want for your grid so you can plan your content and know exactly how it’s going to look – isn’t that fantastic?? We hope you have fun using your company’s Starter Kit and can’t wait to check out your grids on Instagram! Please include us in your hashtag bundles so we can find you! #cinchedthis

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