As any parent can tell you, raising kids is a full-time job. Though, for parents with children in the entertainment industry, it might be more accurate to compare it to having TWO full-time jobs. Lee Nessel: CinchShare user, mom manager or “momager” and mother to six-year old Ella Grace Helton — a rising child actor — seconds this. Lee taps into her personal experience on the topic and shares insight on how CinchShare has been a crucial part of the social media success that’s helped fuel her and Ella’s success. 

A native of New Jersey, Lee — now 43 — has spent much of her adult life as a professional wordsmith, working professionally as a sports reporter, news editor and writer before moving into a more digitally-driven and social media sphere with her more recent work. This background in communication came in especially handy as things started to take off with Ella’s career as a child actor about three years ago.

“So many opportunities came about for Ella based on how I approached managing her career. My instincts on how to market and network, and most importantly, how to share her story, opened so many doors. It’s been a beautiful thing to see people around the world following her journey and truly connecting to her story.”

Lee Nessel, Momager

Lee’s strategic approach to managing her daughter’s publicity and social media has definitely paid off. Over the last two years or so, Ella has landed dozens of print, film, television and commercial jobs — including recurring work with Disney and most recently, a starring role on a new NBC sitcom. Ella’s Instagram account has exploded, gaining more than three thousand followers in just a couple of years. Lee says her strategic use of CinchShare has played a vital role in the growth of Ella’s social media presence.

In addition to The Adventures of Ella Grace (the child actor accounts for Ella), Lee manages multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via the CinchShare platform. Lee uses CinchShare to manage and schedule to her personal pages, accounts for Damsel in Defense (a self-defense focused direct sales brand), accounts for businesses she helps manage marketing for, and accounts related to a small jewelry business she runs on the side with her daughter – Ella Bella Beads.

“I have SO many photos of Ella, and also of our bracelets and her working her business for Ella Bella Beads. It’s been great to be able to upload them to Cinch and come back later to manage and schedule them. Any time we make bracelets, we photograph them all in a photo booth and upload them to CinchShare.”

Lee Nessel, Momager

In addition to her role as a child actor “momager”, Lee also runs She Gets It Write – an independent editorial and content management service, and works as the managing editor for Everything Brevard Magazine, a local lifestyle magazine based on Florida’s Space Coast. She’s also part of CinchShare’s Elite Ambassador Team, has been using CinchShare for about four years, and is an active and engaged member of the CinchShare community. Needless to say, she stays pretty busy.

“I’m constantly on the go, which often means going back and forth between mobile and desktop while traveling,” said Lee, who travels from Central Florida to Los Angeles regularly for Ella’s gigs as a child actor. “I love how I can use CinchShare to save an idea and come back to finish it up at a later time regardless of which device I’m using.”

Lee Nessel, Momager

When asked about her favorite social media platform, Lee doesn’t skip a beat. It’s Instagram. Lee uses CinchShare to manage multiple Instagram accounts, a task she’s able to handle with ease, thanks to Insta-focused features, like automatic post attribution and caption transfer when sharing re-posted IG content.

“Being that Instagram is my top platform, I love being able to use the TextClips Feature to save custom hashtag bundles and, with a click, choose whichever is most relevant for a specific post,” said Lee. “Ella has worked multiple jobs for Disney, so I even have one customized with hashtags related to that!”

As Ella’s career as a child actor continues to take off, it’s safe to assume that as the mom manager or “momager”, Lee’s bi-coastal life will get even busier. Right now Lee, her husband Brandon, and Ella currently call Melbourne, Florida home, but the family has already begun discussing the possibility of making a permanent move from the Sunshine State to the Golden State.

Though many of us wear multiple “hats” in our lives (business owners, parents, community leaders, wives/husbands, hobbyists, etc.), few do it with the finesse Lee Nessel does. Lucky for all of us, we have access to the same set of tools she uses to make the magic happen. We’re proud to watch Lee continue to climb, and hope you’ll join us in rooting for her, Ella, and their family as they continue along on their awesome journey!

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