Seasonal marketing (in this case Summer Marketing), gives you the opportunity to really shake things up for your potential (and existing!) customers and get them to notice you. And let’s be honest, people are always looking for a reason to buy. They are shopping somewhere, so why not with you? We know that summer might not be big holiday shopping months, but in the online world, it still serves as a fantastic opportunity to spur interest and increase sales from your social media followers. Simply by incorporating a couple of these sizzling business tips, you’ll be able to keep your brand relevant and at the top of shoppers’ minds over the next few months. So are you ready to have some fun and make some $$$ this summer? Awesome! Let’s dive right in!

Update your social media profile image
Most of us just upload a profile picture for our Facebook Business Page once and never think about it again, but do you realize what fantastic marketing you can do all year with them?! You can go as big or small as you want to “summer-ify” your FB Biz page profile picture. Maybe just add a beach ball or flower to the top corner? Or the ocean to the bottom? Maybe use a cool filter or frame for your headshot? We’ve created a few fun summer frames for you! Go to “Add a Frame” when you edit your profile photo and do a search for CinchShareSummer to add one to your FB business page profile pic!

Decorate your “storefront”
Your “storefront” window would be your cover photos on your Facebook Business Page and your Customer FB Group. Your “storefront window” is the perfect place to showcase any monthly or summer specials you are having. And be sure to get into the spirit of the summer season with beach balls, ice tea, pink flamingos, anything that screams summer! Taking the time to decorate your “storefront” gives your page and group a fun and festive feel.

Celebrate holiday happenings: Days, Weeks, Month
The summer is chock-full of awesome marketing opportunities! Summer is a time of school’s out, family time, vacations, cookouts, picnics, parties and bonfires with s’mores! But summer also has some other amazing things that happen in the form of holidays. Some holidays are celebrated or honored for a day, week or even the entire month and knowing and sharing those holidays is a great way to increase engagement and remain on your followers’ minds.

Here are just a few summer holidays to get you thinking:
Months: National Camping Month (June), National Iced Tea Month (June), National Ice Cream Month (July), National Watermelon Month (July), Arrr-gust International Pirate Month (August)

Weeks: National Lemonade Days (June 3-11), Pet Appreciation Week (June 3-9), Everyone Deserves a Massage Week (July 15-21), National Elvis Week (Aug 11-18)

Days: Donut Day (6/1), Wonder Woman Day (6/3), Corn on the Cob Day (6/9), Superman Day (7/3), Chocolate Day (7/7), Pina Colada Day (7/10), Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night (8/8), S’mores Day (8/10)

Loving these holiday theme days? Schedule them to your Timeline, Customer FB Groups and FB Biz Page at the beginning of the month using CinchShare and then you can focus on other projects!

Create summer themed social media posts
You are fun! Why not try to mix some fun into your social media posts! You could share summer cocktail recipes, DIY summer projects, summer decorating ideas, vacation & travel tips, etc. You don’t have to create these things, you can CURATE them. “Content curation is where you discover, gather and present digital content from a variety of sources”, which means you can find these ideas on blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, etc and share them with your followers and customers. Make it fun and interactive and you will have more people engage with you. Get in on the excitement of the season and capitalize on this seasonal marketing tactic that is used by the pros. Truth is, your followers get bored really easy, but you can keep that from happening by capitalizing on seasons, holidays, current trends and special occasions.

Showcase and link to summer related items
If your product line carries anything summer-y, feature it regularly each month! If you are permitted to create your own product images, consider putting a product on an image and adding some summer flair to the image too. Just adding some of those fun features turns those old products into new offerings. Remember the 80/20 rule, your product links should be no more than 20% of your overall social content shares. You can create a Custom Photo Album on your FB Business Page to share all kinds of fun summer product ideas and bundles and then share it to your FB Parties and customer group using CinchShare.

Grab your camera!
Hop on the summer bandwagon and create a little marketing magic of your own. Grab a few seasonal props, some products and design a picture-worthy vignette and start snapping pics. Don’t forget that you will need good lighting! Not only does this create original images for you, it gets your followers thinking differently about your product. Upload the image to Canva using our Design with Canva button in CinchShare and add some fun text to it too!

Sprinkle summer words in your marketing verbiage
Summer is a 3 month-long chance to market old products in a new way! Get into the spirit of changing your marketing verbiage to fun seasonal words to capture your followers’ attention! Here are some fun seasonal words to get you started: blazing, blistering, popsicle, hot, sizzlin’, barefoot, tropical, sunny, sun-kissed, etc.

Ask questions – Seasonal Conversations & Polls
Use your social media accounts to ask your followers questions that pertain to the season! You could easily do a poll on Facebook or Instagram and don’t underestimate the value of just asking a simple question in a status post (no pic required!).

Take a poll or ask questions about things like:
Fave seasonal scent
Fave decor
Fave DIY project
Fave cookout recipe

Summer-ify your Facebook Parties with themes
Who doesn’t love a good theme party? Thanks to the world of Pinterest, we are never at a loss for fun themes and summer is the biggest theme party of all! Do you realize you can do theme parties for live in-home parties AND for Facebook Parties! YES – you can!! We have created a whole collection of 21 summer theme party images to share you! If you are a current CinchShare user, click on this link to import the collection directly into your CinchShare account! Not a CinchShare user yet? You can join for free for 37 days at www.cinchshare.com using promo code CINCHFREE to try it out and then come back here and click on the link to grab that collection of 21 summer theme party images and they will download directly into your CinchShare account with one click.

Are you super pumped to market your business now? We bet you are! Summer is such a fun season so be sure to have a blast and keep your marketing upbeat and colorful to attract people to you using these easy tips and they’ll be sure to stick around!

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