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CinchShare offers true community management tools to assist administrators in engaging and growing their Facebook Groups. With CinchShare, you can plan, manage, and schedule your group’s feed all from your connected Facebook Business Page identity.  This tutorial demonstrates how to schedule posts as your Facebook Business Page identity to your linked Facebook Group.  In order to connect CinchShare to your group, your profile and business page must be an administrator to the group and you must add the CinchShare Facebook app to your group.

  1. Once you have confirmed that your Facebook Business Page as well as your Facebook profile are administrator’s of your group, return to the My Networks Page in your CinchShare account at https://app.cinchshare.com/Account/Networks.
  2. Locate your Facebook business page.  The name of your page should be underlined, if it is not underlined you may need to refresh your Facebook connection by clicking the refresh button at the top of the page.
  3. Click your Facebook business page’s name to expand down to view the associated albums and linked groups.
  4. Scroll to find the linked group name that you would like select as a favorite and click the teal heart.  The teal heart will turn navy to indicate that the linked group is now selected as a favorite and is available to schedule posts to.
  5. Return to the Schedule a Post page in your CinchShare account at https://app.cinchshare.com/Post/Scheduler.
  6. Create your post, select the date and time you would like your post to be delivered, and select the linked group by checking the check box next to its name.
  7. Click the Schedule Post button.


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