Every business owner has a WHY. It’s what fuels us as entrepreneurs and gives us the ambition we need to succeed.
What is it that makes you work so hard?
Why are you working for yourself?
How did you choose your company?
The more transparent you are, the more real you can be, the easier it is for people to get to know, like and trust you. This type of storytelling marketing will catapult your success simply due to the fact that people buy from people they can relate to. So how do you go about sharing your WHY? Here are 3 simple and authentic ways:

Go FB Live
Forget about getting all gussied up. Your audience wants to see the REAL you – and know who you are and why you chose your business and how it’s changed your life for the better. Tell them all about it! Be authentic. Include your kids if they’re your WHY. For those on social media who have never met you in person and aren’t local, being able to connect on a personal level through video is an amazing way to share your story. After you’ve finished your Live, you can then use it in parties and groups by scheduling it – works amazing well as an intro post!

Post a Multi-Photo post
Just like looking through a photo album, multi-photo posts allow your audience to get a glimpse into your life through a series of photos in a single post. You can put captions on each photo and really tell your story while giving them visuals. Schedule up to 10 photos with CinchShare to include in your Facebook Parties, as a way to connect with your VIP group and share on Instagram!

Share Custom Albums
When you create a custom album on your business page, it will be public, which means that you can share it time and time again! Your WHY is another type of evergreen content. It’s timeless (unless your WHY changes, which it very well could! Then you simply update/change your album). So, for the sake of saving time and being efficient, you can share your “WHY Album” easily into your parties, groups or even your timeline whenever you want to really connect with your audience.

There are definitely other ways to share your WHY, but we think these three take the cake when it comes to being authentic and telling your story, which is what people love to see when they’re on social! For more great tips and ways to grow your business, we welcome you to join us in our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook group – it’s an amazing community of like-minded business owners who love to share what works for them and empower one another!

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