Guest blogger, Lynn Bardowski of Million $ Party Girl, shares her successful strategies on hostess coaching.

Every successful coach knows that winning on game day is a combination of building belief, being a good listener, setting high expectations, strategy & risk taking. The same is true for your direct sales business. Hostess coaching is a powerful skill and will make or break the success of your Facebook Parties.



After you’ve done the happy dance that you got a booking, get your game face on and use these 5 hostess coaching essentials to transform your online party results.

1. Build Belief:
• Send your Hostess a thank you and let her know she’s a rock star. Build belief and confidence by sharing that you’ll be there to guide her along the way. Include a “save the date” graphic (I use red stamp) that she can easily send via a text or pm.
• Mail a hostess packet with a cover letter, catalog and order forms. I add post-it tabs to the catalog and pre-tab the hostess program page so the Hostess can tab her fave pages – a fun belief building activity.

2. Be A Good Listener:
• Set up a “Wish List” call with your Hostess, timed soon after her packet arrives. Write down everything on her Wish List and create an action plan to help her get it all. The plan should include pre-party orders and a pre-arranged booking.
• Acknowledge any concerns that your Hostess might have. Brainstorm ideas that include showing the catalog to co-workers & getting outside orders, evites for friends/family not on Facebook and teaming up with a friend to double host.

3. Set High Expectations:
• As the saying goes, “Aim for the moon and you’ll fall among the stars.” Include “Tips To A $500+ Party” in your hostess packet.
• Don’t settle. Challenge your hostess to beat your highest party and recognize her efforts on the event page. Use fun graphics, emojis and stickers to continue to build her confidence.

4. Strategy:
• Less is more when it comes to online party success: Say, “Invite FB friends that you know well enough you’d invite them to a home party.” That will help keep you in a spam-free zone.
• Review rules of engagement: Encourage your hostess to comment on all posts, post a TY/tag friends who shop and share her own pics of her fave products.
• Make sure your Hostess attends her own party: review your “day of party” game plan, which should include personal reminders to everyone who’s “going”, a “party crashers welcome” post on her personal page and an “I’m so excited” post on the event page a few hours before game (er, party) time.

5. Risk Taking:
• When was the last time you used your phone, as a phone? A personal phone call with your Hostess could be the most innovative risk you take.

Side benefit: Learning how to hostess coach also prepares you to lead and coach your direct sales team.

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